Premium Snapchat: The Good, The Bad, The Explicit

Premium Snapchat: The Good, The Bad, The Explicit

Let’s say you’re feeling yourself.

Your hair looks good, your skin is clear, you’re having a day where you seem to like your body.

Let’s say you go on Snapchat and take a couple photos of yourself, maybe in your underwear or when you’re fresh out of the shower. Let’s say you sell those photos to strangers on Snapchat. 

Yeah, that’s a thing.

Premium Snapchat is a surprisingly popular way for anyone to make money with explicit photos and videos. Take a photo or a video, sell it to subscribers on Snapchat, pay for anything.

I mean, people are making thousands of dollars a day selling this kind of content and are paying for college, rent, phone bills, and everything in between.

There are very few requirements in order to have a Premium Snapchat account and to actually make money from this:

  1. Be of age. 18+ or older, obviously. It’s not illegal to do this whole Premium Snapchat thing, unless any parties involved are underage.
  2. Own a phone and have the Snapchat app. Duh.
  3. Turn on Ghost mode! No one should know your location. I mean, this isn’t really a requirement but it’s probably smart to do it anyway.

How do strangers subscribe to the Snapchat?  

How do people pay for the content?

Promotion is so important. Like, it’s a a huge thing. More subscribers means more money, usually through SnapCash. Making a presence known on websites, search engines, and forums is key to getting noticed.

If someone has a large following on social media (Twitter or Instagram, mostly) then they are able to promote their Premium Snapchat accounts to their followers. Sometimes there are social media accounts specifically for promoting a Premium Snapchat account and its content.

People who pay for this content (even though it’s available online for free) are most likely very lonely and looking for some sort of personal connection.There is no real, personal connection when it comes to a virtual interaction through this app. This is just for the money. There’s no genuine intimacy here, people.

I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be intimate with someone in real life. I mean, there’s plenty of people who will judge someone for having a job like this. Society judges nudes as being “morally wrong,” yet, they’ll still (secretly) pay for them.

This job is probably scary sometimes. I can’t even imagine how often users get offensive, disrespectful comments online and from people they know, judging them about doing this for a living. And, helloooooo objectification!? Death threats?! Unfortunately that is a thing and it sucks. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to block creepy, uncomfortable, and threatening people on the app.

Despite all the bad, this job seems pretty empowering. I imagine that some people do this because they love their bodies or because they’re learning to love their bodies. And if that’s the case, so be it! We love that!

If you do this or if you know anyone who has a Premium Snapchat account–stay safe and be smart. Show off your body if that’s what you wanna do. Don’t put up with B.S. from anyone. Get that coin, sis! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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