The Truth About Loving A Taurus
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The Truth About Loving A Taurus

You will understand what love is. You will see what goodness looks like in a person.

When you love a Taurus, you will realize that they just want to love and be loved.

Really, if Taurus appreciates you, they’ll prove it. You won’t have to question the way they feel for you. They will put you on their side and want to keep you there. They will show gratitude, patience, and kindness.

They’ll want to have fun with you. But keep in mind that sometimes a Taurus likes to have reckless, wild fun as a way of ignoring their problems and sometimes they like to use humor as a coping mechanism. If you’re on their good side, you can join in on the fun because they’ll want you there.

And when you love a Taurus, you will learn that they don’t put up with bullshit.

With their strong-willed personality, they’ll fight you if they have to. They are kind and sweet…until they are betrayed. They’ll call you out if they have to, but in the kindest way—just because that’s the type of person they can be. They’ll tell you what’s bothering them or what you did to hurt them just because they want to be on good terms with everyone. A Taurus will confront problems head on and try to fix them right away, because deep down, they’re softies. They just want to be friends with everyone.

And when you love a Taurus, you will notice the easiness of your relationship.

It’s easy to appreciate them and to welcome them into your life. You will love how they remind you of your importance in their life. You will love the sense of security they put out, the patience they show, and the kindness they offer. You will love the way they take care of you when you really need it.

I guess it would be poetic to say that a Taurus is like home in a person.

And when you love a Taurus you’ll want to stay. You’ll want to be there with them. TC mark

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