One Day Someone Will Love You The Way You Deserve

You find yourself curled up on the kitchen floor, wine glass in hand, shedding tears over yet another lost love. In the throes of your moment of sorrow, you wonder if you are at fault for attracting nothing but heartache — those who mistreat you, fool you, and leave you. But one day, someone will love you the way you deserve, falling for every broken piece of you until you realize that you were always whole.

One day someone will remain faithful. They’ll wholeheartedly promise to love you and only you, admiring your unmatched strength, beauty, and grace. They won’t fall victim to their wandering eyes, seeking the intoxicating temptation of lust over the fulfillment of true love. And even when you fear that you’ll never be enough, they won’t fixate on the traits you believe you lack because you will be perfect in their eyes. They’ll hold you, console you, and kiss you as if you’re the only one on Earth because you’ll always be the key to their heart.

One day someone will show you they care. They’ll listen to your stories bright-eyed, awestruck by the joy in your smile and the excitement in your voice as you recount your favorite memories. They’ll chase away the storms, soothing you through the dark days until you see the light again. And even when you worry that harsh words, manipulation, and accusations are on the horizon, they’ll surprise you with their quiet respect for your emotions. They’ll speak with genuineness, build you up, and apologize for their failings because they never want to hurt you.

One day someone will stay. They’ll hold your hand through the joyous celebrations and devastating losses alike, refusing to leave your side. They’ll cherish every moment you share with them, seeing the beauty in both pleasure and pain, loving the way they can’t imagine their life without you. And even when you ruminate on your mistakes, fearing that they’ll run, they’ll beckon you to follow them. They’ll stand by your side at every stage, assuaging your every fear of short-lived love because they want you to be their forever.

You wonder when you’ll stop loving the ones who hurt you, disparage you, and break your heart, doubting that you deserve more. But one day someone will love you the way you truly deserve — caring for you, respecting you, and staying with you forever because you’re the one who makes their life beautiful.

About the author

Kelly Douglas

Lives for red lipstick, high heels, 80’s pop, cats, and Oxford commas.