It’s Time To Stop Chasing Them

You love them fiercely, but in the depths of your heart, you know they’ll never return your affection. They once lusted passionately after you, but now your heart breaks as you watch them flit from lover to lover, realizing that they never truly loved you. You wish you could draw them into you, to rekindle the precious moments when you were their one and only. But no matter how you long to run after them and never look back, it’s time to stop chasing them and start chasing true love.

It’s time to recognize that you deserve more than half-hearted love. Reflect on the moments they refused to make time for you, the insults they hurled, the times when the giddy flutters in your stomach were replaced by violent nausea as you slowly watched them transform into someone you could never love. Remember the times you nearly walked away because they broke your heart, promising yourself that this would be the last time you’d return to them. Know that you are worthy of a blissful love, a love that sacrifices, a love that sees you as equal, a love that won’t break you.

It’s time to remember that true love will find you at the right time. Remind yourself of the ways your priorities differed from theirs, how neither of you could ever seem to align on your dreams and desires. Relinquish your control to the universe alone, trusting that someday fate will bring you a forever love, even if you constantly find yourself waiting for answers. Reacquaint yourself with the beauty of living without a partner, savoring independence, adventure, and friendship instead of rushing after love, forcing what isn’t meant to be.

It’s time to accept that they no longer chase you back. Refrain from running towards them and away from the truth—that their passion has faded over time, that you have a life outside of their waning love. Immerse yourself in the process of self-love, chasing your own dreams like you once chased their heart. Heal every piece of yourself, reconnecting with everything they robbed you of—your passions, your dreams, your vitality.

They broke your heart and left you lonely, but you still chase them, praying that they’ll return to you with the love you once shared. But instead of yearning for the passion of days past, accept the timing of the universe and rekindle your love for yourself. It’s time to stop chasing them and begin awaiting the unconditional, eternal love you truly deserve.

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