This Is Me Letting You Into My Heart

I spend my days concealing myself behind a mask, dreaming of the day when you’ll strip me of my armor, terrified of the moment I demolish the walls around my heart. But even in my fear, you charm me, lowering the gates to my soul, promising that you’ll forever carry my secrets in your strong arms. This is me letting you into my heart.

This is me wishing you could truly see me. I yearn to place my heart in yours, confiding my deepest insecurities, letting you console me as I bring over with emotion. I long for the strength to surrender my blockades, to let you roam deep into my darkness and savor the entwined sunlight and shadow. I dream of the day you’ll know me fully and still love me wholeheartedly, choosing me unconditionally above all else.

This is me trusting that you’ll never break my heart. In my dreams, you remain by my side, understanding my deepest traumas, loving me through my wildest storms, promising you’ll never leave. As I awaken, I battle my powerful inclination to be my own protector so no one can shatter my heart. But as I fall more deeply, letting you enchant me, I release my inhibitions, basking in the comfort of knowing that you care deeply about me, even with my unspoken pain.

This is me removing my mask. This is me longing for your presence, hoping that my secrecy will never turn you into a stranger. This is me sharing my heart, my halting words growing surer as I reveal my greatest trepidations, my eyes filling with tears as you draw me close to you. This is me finally letting you love me, trusting you to remove the mask I never thought I could survive without and deepening our connection until we are unbreakable.

This is me letting you into my heart. This is my silent vow to let you truly love me in my deepest pain, through my harshest struggles. This is me allowing you to remove my mask, to see me clearly for the first time and love me for who I am and who I will become.

Lives for red lipstick, high heels, 80’s pop, cats, and Oxford commas.

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