To My Best Friend — Thank You For Being My Soulmate

To My Best Friend — Thank You For Being My Soulmate

The stars aligned for us, fating our kindred spirits to meet at our most downtrodden, promising a lifetime of precious friendship. Upon first glance, you appeared ordinary, but the universe led me to you because you transcend fair-weather friendship, facing my storms alongside me at every turn. So best friend, thank you for being my soulmate, the one who sees my heart and vehemently promises to stand by me still.

Thank you for always calming my storms. You brave my battles by my side, coaxing me through the war even when you become a casualty, summoning all your strength until we reach the other side. When you speak, my anxieties fade away, replaced by a powerful sense of stillness that penetrates my core. You soothe me through the hardest days as if my calamitous mind were simple as if my aching soul were spritely. With a single word, you restore my spirits, lifting me up as though I’ll never fall again.

Thank you for always seeing my heart. Your view of me transcends the physical, delving beyond my facade into the depths of my soul. You speak the words I wish I could utter, reassuring me that I no longer need to paint my lips with false smiles and saccharine words on my saddest days. You wholeheartedly believe that despite the glaring flaws I long to erase from my existence, my heart is pure, striving for nothing but goodness and acceptance. You take in every piece of my being with your whole heart, loving me not for an illusion but for my reality.

Thank you for always gifting me with your presence. Your infectious laugh brightens the darkest room, compelling all who know it to smile. Your willing arms draw me into your warmth, embracing me to my core until my body and soul feel your warmth in tandem. Your gleaming smile wraps itself in witty words and happy thoughts, showering me in radiance when my spark flickers low. Your adventurous spirit lifts me from my fear, transporting us to brave, new worlds I always come to adore.

I’ll never fully understand why the universe sent me you, a pure heart yearning for someone who understands. But I’ll forever remain thankful for the friendship we’ve forged, the unbreakable bond we’ll share for a lifetime. Best friend, thank you for seeing me, hearing me, and loving me through the storms. Thank you for being my soulmate, always and forever.

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