It’s Okay To Leave Them

It’s Okay To Leave Them

They’ve hurt you, mistreated you, and left you wondering how their love slowly disappeared. They’ve used, you, violated you and refused to listen to your needs. But there’s a force running through you, pulling you to stay, compelling you to give them another chance. You feel conflicted, knowing deep in your heart that they did you wrong, wondering if they will ever open your eyes, hoping that they will change. You worry that their behavior is your own doing, that your pain is a consequence of your mistakes.

But it’s okay to walk away. It’s okay to leave them.

It’s okay to leave them, even if you believe their actions are your fault. You wonder if you led them on, if you were too harsh if you could have done anything to stop their storms from brewing over. But it’s okay to walk away from the uncertainty, to place the blame where it truly belongs, to search for peace and forgiveness. You’ll discover the truth you know in your heart — they are the only one to blame for your heartache. You are pure. You are innocent.

It’s okay to leave them, even if they never meant to hurt you. They throw out excuse after excuse, leading you to believe that the hurt they inflicted was completely unintentional. But their motivation doesn’t excuse the pain you felt, the helplessness that caused you to spiral, the desire to escape them and never look back. You’ll learn to validate your pain, realizing that your hurt is enough reason to run from them and never look back.

It’s okay to leave them, even if you love them. Your heart seems like it will never stop hurting, pining after them as if they are the only one you see. But deep down inside, you acknowledge that they are toxic, that you secretly hope to let go of your complicated love story. You’ll recognize that though love is powerful, choosing to leave could empower you to free yourself from their confines, to rediscover a love that doesn’t hurt.

You’re caught in a conflict between your head and your heart, wishing you could stay, but knowing you should walk away. You fear the unknown, wondering what your future will look like without them. But it’s okay to leave them, to walk away in the hope that finally, you will experience the freedom to start over and search for love, peace, and true fulfillment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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