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You Are My Christmas Wish

I wish upon North Star, unfazed by its dazzling beauty because all I can dream about is you. As the long nights become awash in a sea of color and light and the sky veils the world in a feathery layer of frost, I long for your heart to return to mine, your soul to lift mine, your body to touch mine.

I pray to discover you under the pine, nestled amid a heap of impeccably wrapped presents enshrouded in reds and golds. I long to feel a swell of childlike enthusiasm as we meet again, giddily embracing you as my heart pounds in my chest and my soul soars, spinning around the tree with you as I marvel over the simple beauty of our love.

I dream that the stars will align and deliver you back to me like a gift forgotten, a cherished piece of my heart I’ve missed far too long. I wish that you would casually stride into my life with an infectious charm and an easy smile as my inhibitions escape me. I long to leap into your strong arms, wrapping mine around you as if you were a gift I could never relinquish, kissing you as if you the world has fallen away and all that is left is you.

But you remain a Christmas wish, a figment of holiday spirit I will hold in my soft heart until I can hold you again.

I refuse to awaken from the dream that tints my peaceful slumbers with shades of ruby and emerald. I struggle to accept that you race through my wild musings untamed, frantically corybantic as you unsolicitedly capture my heart across the oceans. I savor you from afar, relishing in every moment you remain nestled in the deepest reaches of my mind, but I long for you to arrive at midnight, our hearts beating as one as we reunite.

You are my Christmas wish, a lusting, longing, passionate burning that can never escape my heart’s deepest recesses. One day, you will arrive under the pine, nestled amid a tangle of tinsel doused in silvers and golds. But for now, I wish upon the North Star, praying that its crest of light, stunningly serene against the midnight sky, will guide you back to me. TC mark

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