Wait For A Man Who Sees You In His Future

Wait For A Man Who Sees You In His Future

He blindsided you; leaving you to question everything as you fervently attempt to collect the shattered pieces of your heart.

Was it another woman?

Why wasn’t I good enough?

Why here?

Why now?

Why, why, why?

You wonder why he didn’t see you moving forward with him; celebrating every milestone in his arms, carving out a future, a life together. The answers haunt you; squelching your heart in a strangling embrace, beating you to the ground until all that remains of your soul is a frothy pulp, a shadow of the light that gleams through your heart. You twist each thought that races through your mind to suit your follies and foibles; spooning yourself heaping lies until you become a shell of the woman you were.

I’m not good enough for him, smart enough for him, talented enough for him. I never deserved him. Why did he waste his time with me?

The truth is if he never saw you journeying through life with him – traveling to exotic lands, standing at the altar in a pristine, white gown, cuddling toddling children, holding him as your hair fades alongside his – you were always too good for him. If he refused to recognize your gleaming potential, he was never worth your time.

Instead of wallowing over your perceived loss, wait for a man who sees you in his future.

Wait for a man who sculpts his life around you; a man who laboriously paves his road ahead brick by brick. He’ll shape his plans into goals and dreams unfulfilled, refusing to settle for anything less than his deepest longings. He’ll step into his future with undaunted ease, but every path he traverses as he reaches for his most precious ambitions will always lead back to you.

Wait for a man who can’t envision his life without you; a man who longs for you to journey with him until you both cease to exist. He’ll struggle to imagine a day without your love; a life without your presence because no other woman will be able to ignite his heart’s powerful flame. He’ll reserve his love for you and only you; gradually revealing the sequestered chambers of his heart; holding your embattled heart in his forever.

Wait for a man who craves you for eternity; a man who refuses to live without your gentle touch. He’ll dream about you in wake and rest; longing to feel the warmth of your skin against his, relishing the moments he hears your heartbeat. Your soul will consume him; washing over his mind as he awaits a forever with you.

You’re depleted, broken, questioning every sparse clue he left you to ponder as you mend your fractured heart. But if he refuses to recognize you as a beacon of worth; if he cannot envision a future with you, he is not destined to capture your heart. Wait for a man who sees you in his future; whose heart will beat for you alone, from the moment he lifts the veil to the moment you take your final breath in his arms. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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