All The Reasons Why You Should (Suck It Up And) Workout Today


There are some days when you might be having trouble motivating yourself to workout. While you’re committed to the 12-Week Challenge, or your own fitness routine, today you just aren’t feeling it. You’ve made progress, so having a day off won’t hurt, right? Here are a couple of other reasons why you should still get moving.

You get a bit of ‘me-time’

If your roommates are bugging you or your partner has claimed the TV for themselves, working out is the perfect escape. Put in those headphones and close yourself off for a little while. You’ll probably feel like a whole new person once you’re done.

Exercise improves your mood

Each time you workout, you release endorphins, which create feelings of happiness. Even just 30 minutes of exercise may completely turn a bad mood around.

Working out helps lower stress

Exercise can help to slow cortisol (the stress hormone) production in your body, which may help to reduce those nasty symptoms of stress. Working out may be one of the fastest ways to calm your mind, giving you a boost of endorphins to improve your happiness level as well.

It’s good for your brain

When you move regularly, it triggers a chemical in the brain that can help reduce the dreaded ‘brain fog’. Exercise helps to stimulate the sections of your brain that control memory, so you might also find it easier to remember things!

It helps your confidence

It’s not just losing weight or gaining muscle that helps you to feel good. Regular exercise can help improve your strength, balance and coordination too. Being able to carry a heavy bag, or lift a heavy weight while making it look easy, can do wonders for your confidence.

You’ll probably sleep better tonight

Dozens of studies over the years have found people who regularly exercise report sleeping better than those who don’t get enough exercise. Sleeping is the time when your body repairs itself and lets your mind relax, so anything you can do to improve your sleep quality is a good thing!

It’s a chance to make friends

Whether you take the same weekly fitness class, run the same track or visit the same gym, if you’re working out regularly, you’re likely to see familiar faces. You obviously already have one thing in common (wanting to be healthier), chances are you might bond over other things too. The dedicated 12-Week Challenge forum over at Sweat is also a great place to connect with other women on the same journey!

You might inspire someone else

Without even realising it, you might be a role model for a friend or colleague. We’re regularly influenced not just by what our friends say, but by their behaviour as well. How nice is it to think you’re inspiring friends to take better care of themselves?!

Remember, girls, there is a massive difference between your body needing to rest and thinking “I can’t be bothered”. It’s important that you rest when you feel that you need it, but if you’re thinking about skipping your workout because you’re lacking motivation, remember this list of reasons why you should show up and workout! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Kayla Itsines is the creator of the BBG program and the Sweat With Kayla app, reaching over 10 million women with her healthy living fitness regimen.

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