40 Would You Rather Questions That Will Freak Out Even Your Creepiest Friend

Best played when there is a power outage. Of course.

Would you rather…

1. …dance in a graveyard, or swim in a swamp?

2. …play Bloody Mary, or call out to the Devil at midnight?

3. …park in an underground garage, or walk alone through the park at night?

4. …burn a chain letter, or try to get rid of a cursed item?

5. …sleep in the bed of a dead person for one night, or take an item that belonged to them and keeping it for life?

6. …when doing a seance and receiving a request from a spirit, doing as told, or not doing it at all?

7. …wear shoes that someone died into your wedding, or giving them to your best man/maid of honor?

8. …read a cursed book, or setting it on fire?

9. …stick a knife in a grave, or sleep in a church?

10. …face a vengeful ghost, or a possessed relative?

11. …spend a night in Michael Myers’ cell, or have a conversation with him (he’s feeling particularly chatty that night)?

12. …kiss a zombie, or invite a vampire in your house?

13. …drive Stephen King’s “Christine”, or adopt Cujo?

14. …find out your bogeyman has been masquerading as your psychiatrist, or that your next door neighbor found a secret way into your house and didn’t tell you about it?

15. …give a haunted painting as a wedding gift, or try to lift a curse from the happy couple?

16. …handle an arsenic book without any safety gear, or lick a sarcophagus?

17. …summon the spirit of Delphine LaLaure, the notorious New Orleans serial killer, in a seance, or invite Freddy Krueger in your dreams?

18. …eat at Hannibal Lecter’s house, or refusing a meal he offers you?

19. …adopt a cat that is rumored to have eaten her owner’s face, or kill an injured animal?

20. …watch the tape from The Ring, or post a video of a dead body online?

21. …piss off a witch, or steal from a mortuary?

22. …investigate the strange sound under your bed, or try to get to your neighbor’s house during a power outage?

23. …eat the freshly shed skin from a snake, or kiss a frog?

24. …dance with Death, or refuse to pay the Piper?

25. …go to a hospital rumored to have an Angel of Mercy, or having Genene Jones look after your kids?

26. …stay at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, or in Carrie’s neighborhood?

27. …finding Fritz Harmaan’s head, or owning a piece of his clothing?

28. …having Herbert Mullin, a “visionary” killer who thought casualties keep Mother Nature appeased, as your political representative, or David Berkowitz, who claimed his murders were because of a demon that possessed his neighbor’s dog?

29. …sail the Atlantic on the Mary Celeste, or spend a night in the cargo hold with no light?

30. …find a snake in your bed, or spend seven days in a rat-infested basement?

31. …discover a talking corpse fly, or that skeletons still experience pain after decomposition?

32. …hear what viruses have to say, or have the plague return?

33. …be attacked by a zombie that used to be your grandmother, or have your lover turn into a werewolf?

34. …be reborn as a carrion bird, or a snail?

35. …feel your own autopsy being performed, or be buried alive?

36. …babysit a creepy boy, or receive a “Have you checked on the children?” type of call from a stranger?

37. …go out during the Purge, or get locked inside a secure facility with your worst enemy during same event?

38. …find parking notices placed inside of your car, or finding new creepy messages written on the inside of your home door every morning?

39. …moving to a neighborhood where the children play with real guns, or spending a week in an isolation unit?

40. …spend a week in an abandoned campground where multiple serial killings took place, or renovating the same grounds and dealing with whatever ghosts come to haunt you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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