This Is How You Will Save Yourself

This Is How You Will Save Yourself

It really is a wonderful life… but “life” presents us with situations we don’t quite know how to handle. We encounter seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We feel lost and are unsure just how to overcome the troubles in our midst. Some people prefer to put their issues in the hands of others, transfer the blame, rely on someone to solve their problems. But the truth is, we cannot depend on others to save us, show us the way, or give us the answers. No one person can truly save another. Each person must understand that they must save themselves, finding the best methods to do so.

You Save Yourself By Letting Go and Walking Away

Letting go of what no longer serves you. Letting go of negativity, doubt and denial. The friends and people putting you down, the job causing constant stress and unhappiness, the relationship hanging by a thread. What is the point of holding on to something that causes heartache and pain? The greatest gift you can give yourself is having the self-respect to walk away and leave something behind.

You Save Yourself By Changing Your Perspective and Understanding

The moment you realize that certain things are the way they are and can never be changed is the moment you find yourself on the road to acceptance. Of course we may prefer an easier path, but not only is easy unattainable, it’s also usually unrealistic. Accepting that sometimes things are the way they are will allow us to move forward and understand more clearly. Not to say that these ways will always make sense, more often than not, they don’t. But there is no point in continuing to try to make logical sense of the senseless, because we are the ones who will suffer. Trying to understand why systems function or why people act the way they do will only cause undue stress. And for what? We have no control over people or certain situations and it’s not up to us to try to change everything. Changing our perspective and understanding that control is something we do not have will save us. It’s not that ignorance is bliss, it’s that acceptance is crucial. 

You Save Yourself By Surrendering

Giving up and surrendering doesn’t always equal failure. Sometimes it is necessary in order to move forward and grow. You give up when you’ve given all you can give, when you’ve done all you can do. When you’ve exhausted all of your options and the road dead ends into nothing, it is perfectly acceptable to raise your white flag and surrender. In realizing that continuing down a road alone isn’t conducive to your growth, you save yourself the pain and frustration the road is causing you. Whether it’s relationships you’re trying to fix, or issues you’re trying to resolve, some things just can not be saved no matter what you do. Choose to save yourself instead of compromising yourself.

You Save Yourself By Setting Boundaries

We tend to forget that we set the standard for how we allow others to treat us. We set the standard of what is acceptable and what is not. Setting boundaries is perhaps the most important thing we can do for ourselves. By setting those standards of treatment, we show and stand by our self worth and self-respect. If we allow others to constantly mistreat us, not only do we lack self-respect, we show them they don’t need to respect us either. We should not be afraid of staying true to ourselves and the standards we set. We are each our own best advocates.

You Save Yourself By Accepting That No Closure is All the Closure You Really Need

How many times we wish we did things differently in certain situations, or had the last word with certain people. We crave that closure. We are fixated with the concept, believing that only closure in the way we want it, gives us the power we need to move on. But the concept of closure is overrated and it’s a mentality we need to let go of, because spoiler alert: we don’t always get the closure we crave. Sometimes we need to realize that the words left unspoken, the situations left unresolved, the hurt suffered, is the only closure we get. And that should be more than enough. In creating closure for ourselves, we take back our power, refuse to be stagnant and move forward. We refuse to put our happiness in the hands of someone else or some bullshit concept of “closure”.

Because when it comes down to it, the simple fact is this: the only way to truly save yourself is to always strive for self-love, always have self-respect, and always choose growth above all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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