The Day You Realize You’re No Longer Heartbroken

Love is a drug. It’s addictive, gets you high and can be life consuming. When you’re in love, it’s like you’re in this perpetual dreamlike haze where everything is just wonderful all of the time.

There is no doubt that being in love very closely resembles the behavior of a drug addict. So when your heart is broken, it’s like you’re experiencing symptoms of withdrawal. You crave their words whispered in your ear like a heroin addict craves the sweet solace of a needle. You need their soft touch like an addict needs a smooth surface to do lines. Living without these brilliant aspects of life seems impossible, unbearable and exceptionally painful. And it is.

When they break your heart, you have to quit cold turkey.

Some people try their hardest to maintain a shred of this drug in their life with meaningless one-night-stands and rushed rebounds.

Other people retreat from the world, helplessly pining over the person who broke them in two, losing hope in ever finding that beautiful high again.

Getting over your broken heart will be one of the most difficult and emotionally exhausting tasks you’ll ever have to endure. There will be dark moments. You will hit a terrifying low. You will cry at the most inconvenient times and very frequently.

The process of falling out of love is miserable, there’s no way around that.

But then you have a day where you wake up and you don’t think about them. You’ll go to work and you won’t cry in the bathroom. You’ll laugh like you mean it for the first time in months.

You will have that day where you finally see the light. And then quietly, while no one is looking, you’ll move on.

You will not shed a single tear over this person anymore. You will feel rehabilitated from all of the emotional turmoil you have undergone throughout this wretched road of heartbreak. The sky will appear overwhelmingly blue because you see the light breaking over the horizon and it feels incredible.

Know for sure that the darkest days are indeed behind you. You have already been through the worst of it, I promise you that. Find solace in knowing that you have clawed your way out of the murky pit of despair that you once dwelled in.

You will no longer crave their words in your ear or their touch on your skin. You do not need them to live a fulfilled life, and not only do you know that now — but you believe it.

You will have your day. The comforting warmth of the light will illuminate throughout your entire being and you will feel more alive than you’ve ever felt in your life. On this day, you will cry tears of joy because the misery is over. You will feel so proud of yourself. You will dance and sing and laugh and smile and just be happy for the first time in a very long time because it’s over. At the end of this tunnel there is a light and you will see it soon.

And when you finally have this day, you will know all of this to be true. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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