11 Simple Morning Rituals That Will Make Your Entire Day Better

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1. Don’t snooze your alarm! Even though it may be difficult, you should get out of bed right away. Snoozing only makes you more drowsy throughout the day.

2. Spend a few moments to yourself. Rather than immediately grabbing your phone the minute you open your eyes, take some time to stretch and pull all of your thoughts together. Run through a mental to-do list as your senses adjust to starting the day.

3. Hydration is key, not only for your health, but also for boosting your energy in the morning. Drinking a cold, hefty drink of water will revitalize you and help jumpstart your brain.

4. Welcome in some natural lighting right when you hop out of bed. It’s a lot easier on your eyes than your bedside lamp, and it’ll motivate you to start getting ready for the day.

5. Splash some cold water on your face to get your blood pumping and to gently shock your system into feeling more energized and awake.

6. Pick your poison: some people find it easier to wake up by playing bubbly music, while others like to recharge and relax in the morning silence. Whichever tactic you feel like would help kick off your day on a positive note, roll with it.

7. Make your bed before you do anything else. It’s such a simple task, but the two minutes it takes to do it will immediately give you a sense of accomplishment. It’s also proven that a tidy physical environment positively impacts your headspace too. Plus, there is no better antidote to having a long and stressful workday than crawling into a cleanly made bed.

8. Eat an energizing meal––one that will keep you full and running until lunchtime. It’s better if you designate time to sit down and eat it without any distractions as well. Make eating your breakfast a time for you to be with yourself for a couple minutes.

9. Drink your coffee out of your favorite colored mug. Your morning cup o’ joe shouldn’t be quickly consumed out of a dingy paper takeaway cup––it should be something to look forward to and a savored boost of energy.

10. Your willpower is at its peak in the mornings, so tackle your most important tasks then. You’ll feel better about the outlook for the rest of your day, and eliminate any unnecessary anxiety by taking out your most intimidating to-do list items early on.

11. Be open to readily adapt to any routine changes that could surprise you. Morning rituals are effective, but they’re dependent upon you being able to accept new (and sometimes less than perfect) conditions as the occasional reality of your everyday life. Sometimes you hit the snooze button too many times or you wake up to a full inbox of new work deadlines or you forgot to buy creamer again. By figuring out how to work with circumstances that pop up in your mornings unexpectedly, you don’t hold yourself back, and you can always set yourself up for a positive and successful day.

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