40 Simple Everyday Things You Can Find Happiness In

Josh Felise
Josh Felise

1. Surprise packages or handwritten notes.

2. Cancelled plans.

3. Hot showers with the perfect amount of water pressure.

4. Cold, clean sheets.

5. Being told you’re funny.

6. Listening to somebody with a contagious laugh try to tell a funny story.

7. Meeting deadlines.

8. Watching someone struggle to walk their overexcited puppy.

9. Positive feedback on something you’ve worked hard on.

10. Listening to a song that’s magically well-timed with whatever you’re doing.

11. Tight hugs.

12. Having free time to yourself.

13. Writing with a really, really good pen.

14. Finishing a book.

15. Conversations that make you lose track of time.

16. City lights at nighttime.

17. Waking up and realizing you have a little bit more time to sleep.

18. Homemade cooking.

19. Cool breezes and fresh air.

20. When the workday goes by really fast.

21. Effortless and immediate friendships.

22. Physically crossing something off your to-do list.

23. Finishing a simple task before the microwave beeps.

24. Having time to make your bed in the morning.

25. Fluffy towels.

26. Free shipping.

27. Not having to wait for the elevator.

28. Starting a new bottle of soap.

29. Fuzzy socks on cold nights.

30. An excellent cup of coffee when you really need it.

31. Feeling engrossed in a book or a tv show.

32. Undressing after dressing up for something.

33. Feeling comfortable all day.

34. Having a public bathroom all to yourself.

35. Receiving compliments.

36. Knowing you have a lazy weekend to look forward to.

37. Successfully executing last-minute plans.

38. Rainy, grey days that make you feel relaxed.

39. Rubbing your eyes after taking out your contacts and removing your makeup.

40. Everything just going the way you want it to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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