13 Everyday Benefits Of Being A Good Listener

Ben White
Ben White

1. You get invited to a lot of coffee dates because people find it so easy to vent to you.

2. Your hair is so big because it’s full of secrets. Seriously, you know every horrible and intimate detail about everyone—which gives you the tiniest bit of internal satisfaction and power, but it also just makes you feel good that you’re seen as so trustworthy.

3. You’re always the first to know because you’re the last person who would tell anyone else.

4. And, boy, do you know a lot. Everyone should be terrified of the information you hold.

5. With that being said, you also have the inside scoop on which friends can’t help themselves but gossip.

6. You get a lot of: “You’re not supposed to know this, but…”

7. You’ve seen it all before. You’ve watched countless friends and family members go through difficult situations and times, and it really does prepare you should you ever go through something similar.

8. Therefore your perspective is really broadened. You’re spending less time talking about your own experiences, and more time listening to other people talk about theirs.

9. You’re innately more empathetic towards people, and that draws others to you. You don’t cut them off or act eager to jump into the conversation with your own thoughts—you savor the experience of hearing them out.

10. You’ve got a tremendous attention span. Some people really don’t know how to tell stories properly. You’ll listen anyway.

11. Honestly, you listen to so many people tell their respective stories, that you know what makes for a good one. So when you talk, you know how to make people who may not be Good Listeners actually listen to you.

12. People assume that those who talk a lot are effective communicators, but it’s actually the Good Listeners who understand what it takes to form fast and intimate relationships with other people.

13. You love asking questions, and that makes people love talking to you. You make friends very, very easily. And, occasionally, in very, very weird situations. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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