18 Drinking Games To Play When You’ve Been Friends With The Same Person For Way, Way Too Long


1. Take a shot whenever one of you falls asleep 15 minutes into watching a movie together.

2. Drink one Bud Light Lime-A-Rita whenever one of you goes into the bathroom and says they have to pee while the other person is taking a shower.

3. Have one glass of Trader Joe’s Lambrusco wine for whoever uses the other person as an excuse to get out of going to a social event.

4. Two glasses if one of you use the other person as an excuse to leave a social event early.

5. Down one and a half shots if one of you repeats a story you already told the other person.

6. Two and a half shots if that story lasts more than 8 minutes to tell and has no clear plot.

7. Treat yourself and drink a whole bottle of the finest, most expensive champagne for the time both of you go to the gym together and work out because it will be a miracle if it does happen.

8. Pair a sip of Rosé with a high five if you both simultaneously change into matching sweatpants.

9. Split a whole bottle if you both end up unintentionally dressing like each other daily.

10. Take a double shot when you successfully have a nonverbal shit-talking conversation about someone right in front of them.

11. Do a keg stand anytime one of you has to ask the other one a very personal and invasive medical question.

12. Drink a margarita on the rocks when you two spend over 24 hours straight with each other (you’ve earned it.)

13. The first person to start acting weird and stop censoring themselves in front of the other has to be iced.

14. Whoever accidentally sees the other friend entirely naked has to finish a solo cup of jungle juice.

15. Half a shot each when other people start confusing you two.

16. A full shot for when your parents starting confusing you two.

17. Share some Franzia when one of you tells the other one something really juicy and personal about their significant other (especially if it’s something you know the significant other definitely doesn’t think is being shared to anyone else.)

18. Grab a lime and some tequila for every moment one of you recognizes that your friendship takes the “Forever” in BFF very, very seriously. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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