The Ultimate Romantic Comedy Drinking Game

500 Days of Summer
500 Days of Summer

Take a sip IF/ WHEN:

1. The lead female character is a hard-core career woman with no time for nonsense (or love!!!) and wears her hair in a severe ponytail. Two sips if she works for a magazine.

2. The lead male character is an architect.

3. Somebody gets kissed in the rain. Or next to a fountain.

4. Someone receives a bouquet of flowers or a hand written note.

5. Anyone says “I’m just not ready for a relationship.”

6. The two main characters who are inevitably going to fall in love initially express hatred towards each other. Two sips if the girl makes a “Humph!” sound and slaps the guy’s shoulder whenever they have a conversation.

7. The female lead asks the male lead to teach her how to do flirty, sexy things.

8. The girl is super klutzy but everyone finds it adorable. Two sips whenever she pours coffee on herself.

9. There’s a scene where someone runs through an airport.

10. The two leads realize they share a very, very common interest but act like it’s the biggest coincidence in the universe. Two sips if this interest has anything to do with reading books.

Take a shot IF/ WHEN:

1. There’s an impossible meet cute: in an elevator, on a New York City street, when the girl turns up to her first day as the assistant to the British Prime Minister and accidentally swears in front of him but it’s ok because he’s already fallen in love with her.

2. There’s a manic pixie dream girl with a messy apartment. Two shots if she has a cat. An additional shot if you catch yourself wondering how she was able to afford said apartment on a freelance writer’s salary.

3. The guy is a ~*~bad boy~*~ whose bedroom door opens to a constant stream of identical skinny women. Two shots whenever he’s shown wearing a leather jacket.

4. There’s a makeover.

5. A very easily solvable miscommunication happens between the two lead characters that leads to a temporary breakup.

6. One of the characters has a really nosy mother who relentlessly asks about their love life.

7. The female’s best friend is a sex-crazed, fluently sarcastic lunatic, but is ultimately the female lead’s voice of reason. Two shots if the best friend ever says “you should go to him.”

8. The male lead has a rather serious conversation about romance and relationships with his best friend as they play video games.

9. The female lead changes from her usual frumpy sweater vests to a low-cut, tight dress and acts like it’s not a big deal. Two shots if this is all shown in slow motion and the male lead looks her up and down and goes “wow.” Ugggggggggh.

10. Someone makes a major declaration of love for the other person in front of a large crowd.

Finish your entire drink and give up on everything IF/ WHEN:

1. The female lead meets the male lead’s family and realizes that he’s really a vulnerable dove who needs her to nurse him back to happiness by having sex with him.

2. Katherine Heigl decides losing her career is fine as long as she can pursue Gerard Butler. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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