15 Soul-Crushing Scenarios That Are So Much Better Than Making Small Talk

lauren rushing
lauren rushing

1. Getting a routine pap smear with a male gynecologist.

2. Making it all the way through an endless airport security line only to be told by a TSA agent that you’re in the wrong line.

3. Sitting in traffic with someone who insists on playing their band’s original music on their iPod.

4. Going about your day with water stuck in your ear.

5. Learning that your parents are definitely following you closely on all social media platforms.

6. Living with someone on the Paleo diet.

7. Waiting for the cable guy. He says he’ll be there at 1pm, but you know that means any time between 2pm and midnight.

8. Renewing your license at the DMV.

9. Standing behind someone as they add milk and sugar to their coffee at a painfully slow rate when you’re already running late.

10. Flying across the country without headphones.

11. Going home with a guy only to find yourself stuck in his apartment as he plays “Wonderwall” on his guitar.

12. Dealing with credit card fraud.

13. Drinking rat poison.

14. Watching Blue is the Warmest Color with your grandparents.

15. Going to a Bon Iver concert. Sober. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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