18 Things You Should Know About The Emotionally Unavailable Woman In Your Life

. Entrer dans le rêve
. Entrer dans le rêve

1. She will put her career and goals before love interests. She doesn’t have the white picket fence dream or a Pinterest board of wedding dresses.

2. She will definitely leave you if you interfere with her ultimate life goals.

3. She wants it all. And she will get it.

4. She’s not needy. She has control over her own life and has fierce opinions about what she wants.

5. She will never rely on anybody other than herself to get what she wants.

6. But she’s not a straight-edge, boring Katherine-Heigl-In-Every-Rom-Com character who can’t socialize or interact with persons of interest because she’s so invested in work.

7. So there’s no need for Gerald Butler to swoop in and make her see that her workaholic lifestyle is wrong—she knows it’s what she needs to stay sane.

8. You may think she’s cold and heartless, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. She holds her cards close to her chest and is fully capable of expressing herself—it’s just a matter of when she wants to.

9. She can fall in love. She flip flops on the idea of becoming a wife and mother, but she doesn’t completely rule it out.

10. She’s not a heartless robot, but by being emotionally unavailable to most, she reserves most of her time for investing in a few trustworthy people with whom she feels comfortable.

11. Her methods of expressing affection are a little different from what you’re accustomed to. She’s not great at making her feelings obvious, but she does feel things.

12. She feels discomfort being gushy and mushy, so she usually holds back. But when she slips up and says something out of character and emotional, it means a lot more than any grandiose gesture.

13. She lives off of the happiness she gets from succeeding at what she wants. Success from something she has complete and total control over makes her the happiest version of herself.

14. On the other hand, failing is incredibly difficult for her. She’s constantly terrified of losing, which she take very personally, so she works hard to reduce the chances of rejection and failure.

15. She places a lot of significance and importance on her own, individual self-worth.

16. She’s skeptical of others. It takes a while to get to know her because she tends to hold back—but only until she’s comfortable with you.

17. She prefers listening instead of talking because she learns to trust from hearing more about you.

18. But if listening leads her to realize you’re not worth of her trust, she has zero problem cutting you out of her life altogether almost instantly. So beware. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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