28 Childhood Memories You Can Only Make If You Grew Up With Siblings

1. You thrived off of eavesdropping whenever your siblings were getting in trouble.

2. Peak excitement was watching your sibling say something rude or snappy to your parents because you knew they were about to get punished.

3. You would always scream “I CAN’T BREATHE!!!!” when your siblings would gang up and try to pummel you.

4. You would open up bags of chips and/or boxes of cookies really quietly in the kitchen so that you could enjoy the unhealthy deliciousness in peace. But for some reason, your siblings had a sixth sense of knowing when you were snacking, and would always come find you and ask to share.

5. If your sibling started crying because of something you did, you would shush them and, in a state of sheer panic over what your parents were going to do to you, allow your sibling to punch you for free.

6. The phrase “don’t tell your brother/sister” sparked an indescribable feeling of giddiness within the inner most depths of your soul.

7. When you guys would fight over which channel to watch, one of you would either run up and turn off the tv entirely or cover the cable box so that the others couldn’t change the channel.

8. If your siblings dared to try and sit in the front seat of the car, you would put them in a headlock.

9. You would always get into fights about who was the laziest/ dumbest/ least liked by your parents.

10. The fastest you’ve ever run was when your sibling would declare that they were going to take a shower at the same time as you.

11. Deciding where to go and what to do took hours of voting and negotiation—and no matter what, someone always ended up pissed.

12. Anytime you guys would go upstairs, it would result in tripping or pulling someone down the stairs. There was perpetually an unspoken rule that going up the stairs together meant you were racing.

13. You always tried to separate yourself when your parents would collectively yell at all of you.
“NONE of you EVER feed the dog!”
“MOM! How DARE you???? Remember December 12th, 2010???? Don’t involve me, it’s them!!!”

14. It didn’t matter how old or big you were, you always wrestled to settle a dispute.

15. If you were the oldest and you were babysitting your younger siblings, you would always threaten to call your parents/the police if nobody was listening to your commands.

16. If you were the youngest, you always got the “Oh! You’re _________’s little sister/brother!” from faculty. The teacher’s tone would foreshadow how they would treat you for the rest of the school year.

17. Whenever your mom would tell you to do something you would go tell another sibling that your mom wanted them to do it.

18. Everything was somehow made into a competition.

19. Whenever you’d watch tv together, you would always point at the ugly or evil characters on the screen and say “that’s you.”

20. You all love going through old childhood photos and making fun of what everyone used to look like (remember how your sister had a bowl cut for more than half of her life? LOL).

21. There’s always that one sibling who you told was adopted/found in a dumpster.

22. When your parents would call for you, they would accidentally call out and go through every other siblings’ name before they got to yours.

23. You have super weird, unexplainable inside jokes with each other.

24. Whenever one of your siblings would beckon you over, you were always skeptical because there was a significantly high chance that they were just going to hit you for no reason other than your close proximity.

25. You would taunt your siblings about whether you were going to tell on them. It was always a high-stakes negotiation.

26. You knew EXACTLY what made them angry and upset. It was so easy to get them riled up. Unfortunately that worked the other way around too, and they knew what things to say to make you drop to your knees and sob.

27. You can’t see it when people tell you and your siblings that you look the same.

28. You never understood why your friends thought your siblings were “so nice!” Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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