20 Spotify Playlists You Need For The Soundtrack Of Your Modern Life

Daria Nepriakhina
Daria Nepriakhina

1. Deep Focus Tracks For When You’re Hungover On The Subway Going To Work

2. Pump-Up Beats For When You’re About To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

3. Angsty Mega Mix 2015 For When Your Boyfriend Blind-Sides You And Dumps You Before You Could Dump Him (What The Hell??????)

4. Mood Booster Songs For When You Didn’t Pregame Hard Enough So Now You’re The Only Sober Person Heading To This Party

5. ‘80s Movie Soundtracks For Those Moments Right Before You Fall Asleep When Your Mind Decides Now Would Be The Best Time To Think About Every Embarrassing Thing You’ve Ever Done

6. Power Confidence Playlist For When You Walk In The Wrong Direction And Need To Pretend You Forgot Something So Strangers Don’t Think You’re An Idiot When You Turn Around

7. Powerhouse Hip Hop Songs For When Your Crush’s Read Receipts Are On So You Know They Read Your Text But They Haven’t Texted You Back Yet

8. Ultimate Brain Workout Playlist For Thinking Up A Reasonable-Sounding Excuse To Get Out Of Getting Drinks With Your Roommate And Her Friends Because You Really Just Want To Watch TV Instead

9. Billboard Hot 100 Picks To Accompany The Mental Preparation Required For An Upcoming Dinner With Your Parents

10. Great Cardio Songs You Can Pretend To Be Active To While You’re Lying On Your Couch Waiting For Food To Be Delivered

11. Teen Party Songs (Clean Lyrics) For When Your Significant Other’s Parents Are Meeting You For The First Time

12. Party Favorites For That Period Between Day Drinking And Going Out At Night When You’re Drunkenly Trying To Reapply Your Make Up Without Falling Asleep

13. The “Shrek” Soundtrack On A Never-Ending Loop For When Someone You Don’t Know That Well Is In Your Apartment And You Need Something To Talk About

14. Acoustic Coffeehouse Lounge Tracks For When You’re Hanging Out With Your Friend But You’re Both On Your Phones

15. Girls’ Night Hits For When That One Friend Has Had Too Much Wine And Is Literally Crying Her Face Off

16. Today’s Top Hits For Being Stuck In Traffic And Needing To Pee

17. Songs To Sing In The Shower When You’re Getting Ready For A Night Out And Now Have To Take The Time To Shave Everything AND Condition Your Hair

18. Essential Country Hits For When You Find Out Waka Flocka Likes To Listen To Country Music And You’re Like Oh Ok Maybe I Should Try It Out???

19. Aggressive Rap Playlist Specifically For Walking In A Tourist-y Area And Thus Being Trapped Within The Crowded Confines Of Slow-Moving Idiots

20. Alternative Indie Classics For Those Faux Epiphanies Where You Think This Is Definitely The Moment When Your Life Is Going To Start Turning Around Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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