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5 Powerful Signs You’re A White Witch

A white witch is someone who practices magic for the greatest good of all and with harm to none. They are often healers with a special connection to nature. Witches come from all backgrounds, practices and belief systems but one thing they all have in common is their belief that they can create change in their lives and in the lives of others. White witches take special care to follow a moral code reminiscent of the Wiccan rede; they practice magic in a way that ensures that no one is harmed in the process.

Witch is a feared and very misunderstood word. Historically, it’s a word used to shame and persecute women who were perceived to be too powerful, too threatening, too close to dismantling the status quo. Yet witch is also a word that burns with the fierceness of self-empowerment, of divine knowing, of inner guidance.

The term “witch” is really something that can be applied to anyone who believes in their authority and divinity. As Lisa Lister, author of Witch writes:

“The witch represents the part of each of us that has been censored, ignored, punished and demonized. And it’s a part that wants – no, needs – to be accessed and expressed…the witch is a woman fully in her power.”

When you’re a witch, a sorceress, an empath, and a magical being – the whole universe opens up to you. When you reawaken to the parts of yourself you’ve stifled, when you reconnect with your God-given intuition – everything, everyone and every experience becomes a portal to your power and your divine energy.

There are witches of many backgrounds, many traditions, and differing beliefs – yet one thing they all have in common is an unshakeable faith in their ability to create powerful change in their lives and in the lives of others.

White Witch
Illustration of a White Witch

White witches specifically are said to direct their magic for the greater good – to follow a moral framework reminiscent of the Wiccan rede to do no harm. But there’s more to being a white witch than just this philosophy. Here are five powerful signs you might be a white witch – and may not even know it.

1. You transmute emotions and experiences into massive energy that creates change.

Your energy is so uncontainable, it’s a bit dangerous. Both your positive and negative emotions have the ability to affect others around you, creating massive social change as well as individual change. You can channel your experiences in such a way that it serves you and those of others, transforming traumas into miracles and fears into alchemy. You can move people to tears, uplift someone’s spirits and provide healing encouragement as much as you can strike down a malicious person with the destructive force of your anger which is akin to thunder.

People can “sense” when they’ve pissed you off as much as they can sense when you’re sending positive energy their way. As a white witch, however, you take careful precautions not to “harm” people with this power, even if it does get the best of you at times. You notice that what you’re feeling can have an enormous impact on how others act around you. You can make even the most pernicious bully tremble in fear just by the weight of your penetrating, confident gaze. However, you only wield your power to protect yourself when necessary. You’re committed to using your emotions to heal and to contribute to the greater good – to be a calming influence that redirects others to their wellbeing. Just watch out, because your emotions are a very powerful source of magic.

2. Your connection to nature is unparalleled.

You are literally “one” with nature, its elements, the earth and its seasons. In fall and winter, you shed old beliefs, toxic relationships, and destructive patterns. In spring, you come alive again and feel the rebirth of your psyche.

The presence of water immediately calms you and the tide “greets” you like an old friend. Fire excites and energizes you. You bask in the energy of the moon and the stars at night. Dogs follow you, birds swoop to you, sheep flock to you and small children stumble towards you in delight. You may as well star in your own Disney movie.

The natural world is your playground because it is innocent and pure. If you’re an especially empathic witch, nature literally “cleanses” and purifies your energy because you absorb its energy. You feel the thunder, the wind and the sunlight down to your very bones. Each storm is a reawakening and the feeling of the earth beneath your feet is a return to the home where you truly belong.

3. Your magic, intentions and rituals always have some sort of powerful effect.

You’re capable of massive manifestation. What you desire, so long as it serves your greater purpose, usually always comes to fruition. Whether you engage in prayer, spellwork, meditation – whatever form your unique form of magic takes – you have the power to create new opportunities for yourself wherever you go.

White witches who stand in their full power can attract loving relationships, skyrocketing careers, financial bliss and infinite fortuna like no other.  You have the ability to attract incredible abundance at lightning speed and make your dreams come to life in a way that amazes onlookers.

That’s because you’re wholly connected to your sense of divine power, inner magic and worthiness. Many witches come into their power after a long, hard road of adversity or persecution – so when they finally come to own their inheritance (whatever that means to them), they know they are fully deserving of the fruits of their labor and hard-won wisdom. You know you deserve and are worthy of being abundant and the universe reflects this belief to you, time and time again.

4. Your ability to manifest and your natural confidence is astounding. As a result, you might be intimidating to others.

Even if you’re the sweetest little white witch around, you will make people nervous because you threaten every limiting belief about human power. And because you’re so grounded in your ability to change yourself, your life and the world, you challenge everyone around you to see their own divinity (something not everyone is willing to do).

Some might say you’re a bit, ahem, intimidating. It’s because your openness, boldness and ability to go after what you want in such a confident way can make others who are not as connected with their own inner magic automatically defensive.

Those who veer towards being overly rational and practical in trying to manifest results are going to find you pretty damn off-putting, because here you are, manifesting an extraordinary life and making waves without even trying. They might try to scoff at your unique way of seeing the world while secretly envying your ability to give zero fucks and pursue bliss in every facet of your existence.

But for you, the world moves differently because your belief in yourself is greater than any contempt an enemy or an emotional vampire throws your way. You are magic, and you fucking own that, with no apologies.

5. You are a healer and your words hold massive power – so use them wisely.

As the great (albeit fictional) Albus Dumbledore once noted, “Words are an inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” And indeed, your words could create new worlds if you willed them to. Be careful as a white witch what you say, because your words are a powerful outlet and source of creation, even if you don’t recognize it.

You may find that what you say to others and what how you speak to yourself has an enormous impact on what occurs. Whatever you seem to persistently declare after “I am” is significant because you are speaking things into existence.  That’s why mantras, positive affirmations and empowering reminders are helpful to repeat to yourself when you’re feeling especially drained. They are “spells” in their own right.

Not only do your words have the power to bring about change in your life and mindset, they can also change the lives of others. You find yourself helping others “unload” their emotional baggage and providing relief to their wounds with even just the magic of your words alone. If you’ve done the work to keep your energy cleansed, people come away from even the simplest conversations with you feeling upbeat and more positive.

As a white witch, it’s within your power to bring healing to others. Just remember to also heal yourself, for the greatest source of magic you have is within you – always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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