How To Make A Leo Happy During Their Season

How To Make A Leo Happy During Their Season

It’s July 23rd and you know what that means… Leo Season has finally arrived! This season lasts all the way until August 22nd so if you’re looking for birthday ideas or simple extra ways to make your beloved Leos smile this month, keep reading.

Two words: grand gestures. A Leo loves to be ‘wow’ed. While spending a little money is always appreciated, this doesn’t necessarily mean something grandiose and overpriced. Something ‘grand’ can mean you got them a gift that has a lot of thought behind it or that you planned a whole day of events that center around your friend’s favorite things. Leos just like things to be a little over-the-top sometimes so listen up to the clues they give about what they love and find a unique way to give that to them. For example, a picnic in their favorite place with their favorite food, a gift that connects to your inside joke, etc. Think outside the box for this one.

If you have the money for it, luxurious gifts are always appreciated by a Leo. After all, they are bold and fierce so this means they love sporting brand names and flashy items that draw other’s attention.

On a more simple note, being surrounded by friends is something that brings joy into any Leo’s life. They are extremely loyal to who they love and enjoy the company of those closest to them. Maybe throw them a surprise party, that way they can be the highlight of the night, and get to enjoy their moment with the people they care about.

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One last thing that a Leo would appreciate is an adventure. Fun-spirited and full of energy, Leos love to explore new places and meet new people with their outgoing personality. Maybe take a few day trips throughout the month to spark some inspiration for them and allow them to let loose. Or, plan a weekend getaway over their birthday to make them feel special as they celebrate.

In the end, Leos are simple, they love you and especially during their month, they want to be shown some extra love. As long as your thoughtful and considerate of them in your intentions, they’re going to be happy with whatever you have planned for their birthday. So go ahead and give the Leos in your life some love!

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