5 Simple Rules For Sexting

All the kids these days are sexting. The grown ups too. But with it being all too easy to upload, share and distribute content online, sexting can be fraught. Most of us probably don’t want our sexts passed around, and probably prefer to be discreet. As someone who is a big proponent of the sext (it’s a great way to fill prolonged absences with a lover), here are my 5 rules for proper sexting etiquette.

1. Straight Girls Don’t Like Dick Pics

Based on every straight girl I’ve ever spoken to, we, as a group, do not like dick pics. Dicks are not that pretty to begin with, and the from below angles of sext photos often make dicks look more like a monster attacking a city than an actual sexual organ. Straight dudes: you’ve been told.

2. Never, EVER Show Anyone Sexts You Got

Sexts are private. When someone agrees to give you their body, they agree to give YOU their body, not you and all your friends. It’s a violation of privacy and trust to share sexts that someone entrusted to you, and only a really horrible person would do that to someone they care about. Showing off a sext is the fastest way to never get another sext again–and the fastest way to have the person that sext you cut you out of their life forever.

3. Make Sure You Look Hot (Just In Case)

It’s all well and good to trust that your partner isn’t showing off your sexts, but you never know what might happen in the case of an acrimonious break up. Showing off someone’s sexts in revenge is the lowest of low, but if you wind up really hurting someone, you don’t know what they might do to get back at you. Make sure you look damn fine in all your sext photos–just in case.

4. Check And Double Check Who You Are Sending To

Study the “to” field in your text. You don’t want to be accidentally sending photos of your tits to your mom or boss.

5. Only Send To Someone You Trust

I send my boyfriend sexts because I trust him. I trust they’re not going to end up in the public domain, I trust that he’s not going to share them with his buddies, and I know that he’s not going to mock me. There’s a mutual respect involved in sexting–you want to know and trust the person you’re sharing with, to avoid any negative consequences. Of course, some people engage in sexting very casually, and that’s fine too, but always just be sure your expectations are commensurate with the intention on the other end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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