5 Things You Should Do When You’re In Love

I don’t know about you, but I don’t fall in love all that often. Falling in love is like going to Disneyland–it’s only going to happen once or twice in your life (if ever), and you’re going to want to get on that Indiana Jones ride as many times as possible before you have to leave. Everyone’s relationship differs, and there’s most certainly a lot of important things that go into having a successful relationship, but here are 5 essential things you should do in order to fully take advantage of being in love…
image - Flickr / martinak15
image – Flickr / martinak15

1. Be Honest

With love comes the security of someone having your back. Be yourself. Be your best self. Be your worst self. Sing in the shower. Fart. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and be done with secrets. When you’re in love, you should be honest–unclench, relax, relish in being as real and free as you are.

2. Say It

God damn if it doesn’t feel good to tell someone you love them. And to have someone tell you they love you. This doesn’t just go for romantic relationships–tell everyone you love that you love them as much and as often as possible. Without meaning to sound morbid, we really only have a limited amount of time with the ones we love, so it’s important to never go a day without reminding them that they’re loved.

3. Fuck Like A Porn Star

Love is your safe word. It means that you can try all the filthy things you fancy, make all your naughtiest dreams come true in an environment and with a person that you trust and can communicate with. It would be a waste to not fuck like a porn star when you’re in love, so go wild, because the person who loves you will make you feel the most comfortable.

4. The Little Things

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that are the most enjoyable when you’re in love. Have personal “in” jokes. Buy your love’s favorite chips on the way home from work. Take a moment in the morning before you wake them to lie awake, with your eyes closed, in a bed, in a room, with someone that fills your heart with glee. Stay home and watch TV together, and fall asleep right where you are, all cuddled up and with popcorn in your hair.

5. Compromise

You should never have to change yourself but you should always be ready to compromise. For two people who are ostensibly different, there will be times when one needs something the other needs to bend to accomodate. When you’re in love you’re a willow in the wind–you’re rooted in the ground but you move so as not to break under the pressure of the forces around you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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