The First Time You See Someone Naked

The first time I saw you naked was weird, because for all the time I’d know you, I’d only known you clothed. To me, you’ve been a person that wears clothes; you have never been a person that is naked. You’ve always had clothes on, every time we’ve hung out, with no gentials showing, and suddenly you’ve become a fleshy alien, with nipples and fancy bits between your legs.

Yeah, it’s weird.

So when it happened I wanted to stare at you, just have you stand there in the middle of the room while I sat back and just scanned every inch of your naked body with my eyes, for about half an hour or something, so I could really get accustomed to this new you, but I was too embarrassed to look at you at all. Isn’t that funny? That I just wanted to gobble you up with my eyes, like I’d just stepped out onto the face of the moon, but really, it was so much easier to squeeze my eyes shut and pretend your penis wasn’t right there in front of me like that.

I mean, I don’t even know what your favorite color is or what food you like the best. I don’t know what your parents do for a living or if you’ve ever broken a bone. But I can see your genitals. I find this situation very odd indeed; like I’m trespassing on something that’s not quite mine yet. I want to look, but I can’t, because you’re now the moon as it passes in front of the sun, and perhaps your naked skin will burn my retinas out if I stare at it for too long. I think I need one of those funny cardboard pipes you used to make at grade school so you could look at an eclipse without hurting your eyes, although that would be quite a ridiculous instrument to keep by the bed.

It would be nice if you would just lay there naked for a while, and let me look you over. I’m just so intrigued; your clothes are off and now there’s this whole new you I didn’t even know existed and I would like it very much if you would you just hold still while I inspect your belly button and the hairs that grow on your knees. I’ve never seen these things on you before, and I need to look at them for a while and touch them, just to make sure that they’re real, and that you’re really naked in front of me right now.

It’s like you’ve just emerged from a sack of amniotic fluid or like you’ve been beamed back from the future to terminate something and just sprawled across my bed instead. It’s almost as though no one else has ever been naked here before; this is the newest experience I’ve ever had because it’s YOUR naked body that I’ve never seen before. Now you’re just sweat and pubes on my sheets and I wish I could freeze you in time so I could get familiar with all your crevices and poke and prod around like you’re my high school science experiment before we go any further with this, but I don’t quite have the technology.

Laying there next to me in your real skin makes me feel entirely defenseless. Because that’s the most of you I’ve ever seen, and it’s scary because I don’t know it yet, and really neat because I get to play with it now. I only wish you didn’t have to put your clothes back on again; it’s much better for us like this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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