15 Little Ways To Feel Happy When You’re Sad

Shake It Off

Feeling sad? Do you have the blues real bad and can’t shake them? I feel you. I’m in the same boat, and when I feel like this, I’ve got a handful of “activities” that make me feel a little better, day by day.

1. Spend an hour with your favorite guilty pleasure TV show. Don’t feel bad about it. Watch all the “Teen Mom 2” and “Couples Therapy” and “Days of Our Lives” you want. DVR it so you can fast-forward the commercials. Enjoy every minute.

2. Blast your favorite song in your car and scream along. I like to do this with “Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac, hitting the steering wheel for emphasis. This is best done at night to avoid embarrassment, but also, who gives a shit? Get those emotions out in the privacy of your driver’s seat.

3. Buy a fancy candle. Light it every night. Don’t “save” it for a special occasion.

4. Home alone? Dance. Turn up your favorite dirty rap song, Britney jam or country line-dance and take a few minutes to dance around the kitchen. Close the blinds if you’re worried about someone watching.

5. Go to the thrift store and buy a really ridiculous item. I don’t care if that’s a big ‘80s prom dress or a “so ugly it’s cute” handbag or sweater. Just buy something simple and cheap that makes you laugh. Wear it out once or twice with pride. Feel silly once in awhile.

6. Go out for happy hour with a friend you haven’t seen much of lately. Reconnect with an old college friend, or invite someone you want to get to know better out for a walk or a drink. When you feel sad and low, your friends are the best way to shake it off.

7. Speaking of “Shake it Off ,” I have come to find that even though I can’t stand the video, Taylor Swift’s latest single DOES make me feel better when I hear it on the radio. It makes me want to dance like a four-year-old.

8. Call your mom. Or your dad. Or your favorite aunt, or your grandma.

9. Get your nails done. Spend a little money on a pampering experience you don’t normally do for yourself. Get a massage – you can save money by offering yourself to students at a beauty and esthetician school. Schedule a service you’ve always wanted, like a facial, and let yourself relax and enjoy it.

10. Exercise! As Elle Woods said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! Happy people don’t shoot their husbands.” Well, the sentiment is there. Even going for a walk around the neighborhood is going to pep you up a bit.

11. Hang out with a young child. Spending time with my favorite little toddler girls ALWAYS lifts my spirits. You can’t be down when they’re crawling all over you to hug you and beg you to play Barbies with them.

12. Do something nice for someone else. Making someone’s day – and that could be as simple as giving a compliment or sending cookies to your neighbor – has a contagious effect.

13. Wear a scent that makes you feel happy. It’s been proven that certain fragrances can have an effect on your mood. Maybe you love lavender, or rose. Wear a scent with those notes and you’ll feel uplifted.

14. Watch cute baby videos on YouTube. Or if puppies or kittens are your thing, then watch those. Save a few to your phone for instant, easy access.

15. Lastly, get enough sleep. Being constantly tired really wears on you. Get those eight hours of beauty sleep! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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