20 Simple Reminders For Every Type Of Adventurer (From A Person Who Is Not Traveling The World)

Michael Hull
Michael Hull


Traveling is not the only path to a life of self-awareness. You can sit in silence, read a challenging book, or talk to that person in the coffee shop that has a different worldview than you. It may not be as thrilling but it will teach you about yourself.


There is satisfaction to be found in the quiet. A walk in the woods or a rainy day at a library can rejuvenate you. These days are necessary and help shape us just as much as the unforgettable, chaotic days do.


Give applicable advice to those who are underprivileged on how they can travel. Not to the people who are halfway supported by their parents or those who wish to leave a life of luxury for a life of adventure but the people who have no support at all.


Be wary of mimetic desire, of wanting what others want because you see what they have. Analyze why you do what you do and make sure it is not because your friends are doing it.


Being reckless and being adventurous are not the same.


A comfort zone is simply an idea created by humans to justify the fact they are not conquering their fears. But there is still a line to draw when your psychological, physical, or sexual safety is at stake.


The line that people draw will look different for everyone. Respect it.


When it comes to overcoming your fears, congratulate yourself on the tiniest of successes.


Do not travel for the story but for the experience. They are different.


You can have the mindset of an explorer, no matter your location.


Sometimes, you should bloom where you are planted. Unless where you are planted makes it impossible for you to grow.


Even if you do not identify as an “adventurous person,” you are important. An adjective only holds as much power as you let it.


Find wonder in everything you see, touch, taste, and hear. That way, your life will never be boring.


If you have the chance to go anywhere, go. Even if it the most obscure town no one has ever heard of. There is always something worth finding, you just have to look for it.


What we desire is not novelty but the ability to fall in love with an idea, a person, or a place over and over again. Yet, nothing seems to woo us well enough to keep our attention.


Find that idea, person, or place and hold onto it. It is rare to truly fall in love with anything.


Be objective about who you are. Do not think that because you have/have not seen this or that, that you are better/less of a person than you actually are.


There will be people who still need you, even though you are far away. Don’t forget about your loved ones back home.


That being said, do not let people take advantage of your love when you give it.


Keep your thirst for life alive by being in the present moment. Restlessness can kill your spirit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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