Here’s How To Make The Most Out Of The Pisces Full Moon On August 26th

A Pisces full moon will light our skies on August 26th, so you have that much time to learn how to harness its power. Unless you’re a Pisces yourself, you might be unfamiliar with the water sign’s vibe. Since it comes at the end of the zodiac calendar, Pisces is all about tying up loose ends, accepting what you can’t change and moving forward with your life.

As such, you can consider the Pisces moon as a big old spotlight, shining its beam on the things in your life that have been plaguing you. August 26th might just be the day to have a self-reckoning, through which you figure out whether to move forward or let go.

Here’s how to make the most of your 24 hours under a Pisces sky:

1. Heed the Signs

Keep your eyes open in the days leading up to the Pisces moon. Perhaps you will hear a song that reminds you of someone, or you’ll notice that you keep looking at the clock at the same time every day. These incidents should not be ignored — they could be messages from the universe telling you that it’s time to deal with an associated issue.

2. Jot It Down

Keeping a journal has a slew of benefits for your mental health. Not only will it put you in tune with your emotions, but it gives you a place to write about them and either figure out how to overcome them or let them go.

Take advantage of the enlightening Pisces moon by devoting some time to your journal. You’ll probably find it easier than usual to tap into your emotions and write your way toward the right solution to any lingering issues.

3. Be Bold in Romantic Relationships

You’ve had an iPhone note with a draft of that I-have-a-crush-on-you or I-still-love-you message for a while. The Pisces moon is the perfect time to let your feelings show. The only caveat is that you might not immediately see the results of your boldness. It tends to take about two weeks for the Pisces full moon’s power to completely manifest itself, so be prepared to wait for a resolution. You never know what’ll happen until you press send, though, so don’t be shy!

4. Relax

Here’s an open invitation to take it easy during the Pisces moon. Neptune rules over the Pisces sign, and he’s the god of the oceans. In other words, use this time as an excuse to let your stress subside in a relaxing bath or by making your way to your local watering hole to take a dip. Swimming or just enjoying some quiet time might help you find perspective, too.

5. Try a Compassionate Take

Pisces people are all about compassion, and they use it to better themselves and those around them. Have you let your judgment mar your view of someone recently? If so, try and reverse your initial feelings and reconsider the situation with a more understanding perspective. Perhaps they were going through something that you didn’t know about, or they saw things from a completely different angle. Take advantage of the Pisces vibes and see if you can reach a new level of acceptance.

6. Take a Break

Let’s be real — all these emotions can be overwhelming. Even if you’ve taken the time for the aforementioned bath, you still might need an outlet for all the Pisces-moon feels you’re experiencing.

Keep yourself level by warding off the stress that comes with feeling so much at once. Everyone has different methods for doing so: you might snag a quiet corner in your house for a meditation session, or you could hit the gym and sweat it out. Of course, there are some even more fun options — dance party, anyone? No matter how you do it, try and remember self-care in the midst of your emotional reckoning so that you feel better for expressing yourself so fully.

7. Get Inspiration From Your Ancestors

Another activity that’ll give you that warm-and-fuzzy Pisces feeling is reconnecting with your family members who are older than you. If you don’t have any grandparents, aunts, uncles or other relatives nearby, visit a nursing home and chat with the residents. Their stories of days gone by will only warm your heart and brighten your spirit. You never know, you might learn something from their experiences that you can apply to your life — and that’s a full-circle moment exemplary of Pisces season and its moons.

Move Forward

As you can see, the impending Pisces moon is the perfect time to reflect on how you’re feeling and take action to seek a resolution. But you can also consider it the ideal time to relax, recharge and let go of what’s been bothering you this summer. No matter what happens at the end of this Pisces moon, you’ll have stayed true to yourself and your feelings — and, for that, you can start fresh once again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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