The Good Thing About Being A Dreamer

Dayne Topkin

Do you spend half your time imagining all the things you’d love to do?

I bet you’re nodding your head, right now. If so, you’re a lot like me. I’ve had stars in my eyes since childhood and my aspirations never sleep.

“Get your head out of the clouds!” they say. “Stop dreaming and come back down to Earth!”

“Why?” I ask. “The only thing down here is the same old routine. Let me take one more peak up there so that I may put a finger on my next destination.”

Fantasizing can give you purpose. It can be the map that guides you, the building blocks to flesh out your future so you can head towards it as best you can.

We have just one life, don’t we? I say, go ahead and dream! The real crime would be to stay static in your routines, or worse, to fantasize and do nothing – what a waste that would be!

Dreaming and heading towards something, however, is a grand way to live.

Seek Pleasure, Not Comfort

I believe misery and mundanity go hand in hand – I’m simply wired that way. I’m also quite idealistic and guarantee I’m happier for it. Some might say my idealism gives false hope and that I cannot possibly satisfy such needs, but I find beauty in that. There is nothing stagnant in a never-ending story.

The moment I sense mediocrity, I pack my things. That happens fairly quickly, as you’d expect. No matter. Everything I have fits in one suitcase and a travel bag.

I am so self-absorbed that it makes people sick. I seek pleasure exclusively and I don’t apologize for it. There is no sense of guilt for the path I walk upon, which, perhaps, makes me the biggest sinner that ever could be.

What shall I do . . . Drop all ambitions? Forget that which inspires me? I do not attack your religion, so why criticize mine? I’ve merely discovered my own way to God.

If HE made me in his own image, he is walking along the edge of the ever-expanding universe, eyes wide open in search of new joys and surprises. I bet he laughs and cries, as I do, trying to outwit the mysteries of life as it throws curveballs this way and that.

Every Moment is Precious

This bizarre reality of ours is as wondrous as it is limitless. There are too many things I have never done and I am only afraid to die lest I miss out on one last adventure.

The greatest human tragedy is being born to all of this with the little time we have. It is too precious to waste on stagnation. It is too brilliant to spend every moment with your head in the sand rather than in the clouds trying to figure out where you’re off to next.

If you’re the type who loves to dream, who can’t help but run away from day-to-day living and routine, I applaud you. That is the only way to be. Let’s not apologize for it.

Keep your head high – so high above the clouds that, at times, you’ll get a tap on the shoulder reminding you to come back down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I write to blab. To blab is my nature. I’m a hedonist, an idealist, and hopelessly Inspired. I live for the aha moments.

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