30 Milestone Moments Every Girl Should Add To Her Bucket List

Before you die, cross off these bucket list suggestions from Ask Reddit.
A girl completing her bucket list
Unsplash / Valerie Elash

1. Have a nighttime adventure

“Have a nighttime adventure where you just go out in your car and get ice cream or go to Walmart or something at like 2 am.” — dogy59

2. Make-out with someone you love

“Make out with someone you love. Much better than sex with someone you don’t.” — Carteelith777 

3. Take a mental health day

“Call in and pretend to be sick from work. Mental health days are important.” — Knightphall

4. Visit Disney

“Go to Disneyland or Disneyworld with family and friends. It really is magical minus all the screaming babies.” — Jinkies238 

5. Forgive someone

“Forgive someone that has wronged you.

You don’t have to let them back into your life, but forgive them. The weight of wronging someone is carried very heavily, the what-ifs and whys can torment a person. Forgiveness can help someone that acted like a butthole learn and grow.

On the flip side of that coin – SAY YOU ARE SORRY IF YOU WERE A BUTTHOLE. It goes a long way.” — meixellent 

6. Play D&D

“Play Dungeons and Dragons, it really is something that can properly, positively affect people and strengthen friendships.” — Cabbageabber

7. Live abroad

“Live abroad (and not in a resort or in the west if you’re from the west) for more than a month. Try local foods in different countries. Fall in love (with a person, animal, place, career). Do something good for the world or another person. Do something kind even if you don’t get recognition.” — gnomegorsky

8. Go skydiving

“I’ve done it, once you hit terminal velocity (less than 15 seconds in) the feeling of falling goes away. You see the ground rushing in, feel the wind in your face, but the rush is gone. That being said, floating on a parachute and seeing the world for miles around is so cool.” — lots_Of_Stuff

9. Adopt an animal

“Adopt a beautiful pet that ‘speaks to you’ when you look into its longing face – give him or her a home.” — Back2Bach

10. Work in customer service

“It has made me more kind to other service workers yet simultaneously unable to put up with people’s bullshit in general. the amount of bitter confidence I’ve gained is unreal.” — vlntslnt

11. Climb a mountain

“Climb a mountain. I climbed Mt. Elbert over the summer and the sense of pride and accomplishment afterwards is a feeling everyone needs to have at least one.” — wsaueressig

12. Fly an airplane

“Fly an airplane! In my experience, most flight schools will offer a 1-hour introductory lesson to anyone for about $200. You can either do some of the flying yourself, or just sit back and let the instructor do everything while you look out the window.

Some things I noticed about my first time:

I’m deathly afraid of heights, so I wasn’t sure how I would feel once we were in the air. For some reason, I was totally fine.

I was amazed by how clearly I could see things on the ground. You know the difference between looking at a photo of an object, and actually looking at the real thing? Look at Google Maps aerial photos; and then when you’re riding in a plane, that’s “looking at the real thing”. (Small planes fly low and have big windows; it’s much better than looking out the window of an airliner.)

It was also really cool to look at distant rainclouds. They looked like cotton balls with mist falling from them. I’d never seen rain that way before.” — mecha_bossman

13. Get creative

“Attempt a form of art. Drawing, painting, photography, music, cooking (I consider cooking to be an art), sculpting, woodwork, knitting, crochet, dancing, writing, etc.” — Mogwaigiggle

14. Quit your job

“Quit a job they hate.” — HereSomethingClever

15. Visit the Grand Canyon

“If you’re in the US, I’d say visit the Grand Canyon, (and other national parks) and if possible drive there. I was given the awesome opportunity to drive across the United States with a friend and honestly it was one of the best trips of my lifetime to date.” — Calfee911

16. Swim naked

“Go skinny dipping, preferably after a sauna.” — secretraisinman

17. Watch the sunrise

“Stay up all night, and watch the sunrise. It’s surprising how many 30+ year olds haven’t done this.” — TriggeredSnake 

18. Help someone out

“Help someone without expecting or hoping for something in return.” — lyleeleigh

19. Take a road trip

“Go on a road trip: get a small budget together and just go. It’s extra fun if you don’t have a destination. Let the journey be your experience. You’ll meet all kinds of people and see all kinds of crazy things.” — SouthWest66 

20. Attend a concert

“See your favorite artist/band live.” — Master722 

21. Express your love

“Tell the one you love that you love them. Don’t wait until you don’t have the chance to say it anymore.” — radgreek 

22. Listen to a stranger’s life story

“Listen to someone’s life story and learn about who they really are and why. Makes them feel heard and appreciated and makes you learn about something you didn’t know while drawing attention away from yourself.” — RenScout

23. Travel

“Visit another country.” — Redditor_2017 

24. Travel alone

“Travel by yourself.” — lizzers12

25. Stargaze

“I truly believe that humans have robbed themselves of one of earths greatest shows, our night sky. Anyone who has been far in the country or desert etc will tell you how breathtaking it is. It helps puts things in perspective, were part of something bigger!” — L77B

26. Spend a week without an alarm clock

“The sleep-wake thing. This is #1 on my bucket list and I plan to do it once my kids move out.

Day goes like this: Wake up without an alarm clock, just whenever your body feels it’s time. Eat what you want when you’re hungry. Do whatever else you want to do for the day, whether it’s hiking, shopping, video games, whatever. Lay on the couch or in bed watching a movie of your choice. Dose off when you want and then wake up when you want with no alarm clock. Do and eat what you want. Repeat this for 2 to 7 days.

This is absolutely the thing I look most forward to.” — confusedash

27. Scuba Dive

“Scuba dive. It’s fairly easy to get registered, and once you do you’re registered for life. It’s an easy way to explore a part of the world that humans are not designed to exist in. One of the most interesting experiences of my life and I highly recommend it.” — roketpants 

28. Have kinky sex

“Non-vanilla sex. Not too extreme if you aren’t sure, but just a few different things, see if any really do it for you. As my mum would always say, ‘How do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it?’ (she may not have been talking about sex).” — skirril

29. Visit Maui

“I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal to those who have never made the effort to go there because after all sand, sun, sea and beaches can be found in CA and FL but I’m telling you IT IS DIFFERENT. IT’S MAGICAL and should be visited at least once by everyone.” — PookaShellTourGuide

30. Sing in front of a crowd

“Fuck up a karaoke song. Idk why I just feel like some embarrassment is needed in everyone’s lives. Learning to just live with it and move on is important.” — testreker Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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