25 Men On The Stupidly Simple Things That Make Them Love Their Person Even More

These men from Ask Reddit can’t stop bragging about their relationships — and you can’t blame them.
Brandon Woelfel

18. She leaves me silly messages

“She changes my Blizzard icon text to some inside joke whenever I’m away from my PC.

She leaves me silly little messages in my voice mail if I don’t pick up due to working late.

She makes me coffee an a mid raid snack.

She hides under the blankets and trapdoor spiders me when I get to bed late.

She calls me and pretends to be a telemarketer for “Cuddlebutts Inc” or “Sleepytime Express” and goes on long tirades about how she’s pre-enrolled me into some crazy pyramid scheme that involves the dog and cat.

She’s the love of my life and I couldn’t be happier.” — Alwaysafk 


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