25 Men On The Stupidly Simple Things That Make Them Love Their Person Even More

These men from Ask Reddit can’t stop bragging about their relationships — and you can’t blame them.
Nathan McBride

11. She gives me extremely thoughtful cards

“She’s my girlfriend, not wife. (YET) But she picks out one of those loving or funny hallmark cards and writes very thoughtful or silly things on them, sometimes even just makes cards herself. This last Christmas she gave me two full bags of them and I cried while reading through them because I saw how much effort she put into them and how much she loves me. It wasn’t a sad cry, it just felt awesome being loved. She’s the kind of friend that you can easily talk about everything with and I love playing or watching her play games together, watching movies or just laying in bed talking for hours about movie titles as food puns. And lastly I love that I don’t have to try to be happy around her, everything is so genuine, I’d never do anything to lose her and hope I never do.” — snipa203


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