25 Men On The Stupidly Simple Things That Make Them Love Their Person Even More

These men from Ask Reddit can’t stop bragging about their relationships — and you can’t blame them.
A man who loves his person
Unsplash / Joanna Nix

1. She kisses me on the forehead

“Because my wife is a night owl, far more than me, I go to sleep earlier than her (on work nights). When I leave in the morning for work, I always give her a kiss on her forehead. Every day, for the past 25 years, except when I’m away on business. I do it gently and try not to wake her.

Occasionally I have some bad insomnia and struggle to sleep and won’t be all the way asleep before she comes in, so I might be in that semi-sleep haze and I just lie there. That’s when I found out that before she goes to sleep, she kisses me on the forehead.” — Evadrepus

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