25 Men On The Stupidly Simple Things That Make Them Love Their Person Even More

These men from Ask Reddit can’t stop bragging about their relationships — and you can’t blame them.

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1. She kisses me on the forehead

“Because my wife is a night owl, far more than me, I go to sleep earlier than her (on work nights). When I leave in the morning for work, I always give her a kiss on her forehead. Every day, for the past 25 years, except when I’m away on business. I do it gently and try not to wake her.

Occasionally I have some bad insomnia and struggle to sleep and won’t be all the way asleep before she comes in, so I might be in that semi-sleep haze and I just lie there. That’s when I found out that before she goes to sleep, she kisses me on the forehead.” — Evadrepus

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2. She is always excited to see me

“When after a long day, I realize she is as happy to see me as I am to see her. She always greets me with a smile no matter what.” — Bettiephile

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3. She gives me signals to show she wants another kiss

“She sometimes keeps her eyes closed and lips pursed after a quick peck on the lips, so that I’ll give her another. I always love it.” — BreatheMyStink


4. She wiggles when she’s happy 

“She wiggles her butt when she’s happy. If she’s lying or sitting down, she wiggles her feet.

It’s so fucking cute.” — aim_at_me

Becca Tapert

5. She loves me back

“Whenever I tell my wife ‘I love you,’ she always responds with ‘I love you.’ It’s subtle… but she never says, ‘I love you too.’ It’s this small difference that always reminds me that her love for me is not because of a reciprocal emotion, but stands on its own. Even when I can’t see that things are good just the way they are, I know she loves me.” — damacnchese

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Dmitriy Ilkevich

6. She calls when she misses me

“When she calls at work just because she misses me.” — BarackTrudeau

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7. She lets me bite her

“Sometimes I just open my mouth, and she holds out her hand so that I can chomp her. Then she says, ‘You’re always so bitey,’ and she smiles.” — TryCoserious 


8. She actually finds my jokes funny

“I can make her laugh relatively easily. She gets me, and after years of being alone, it’s like having found a way to breathe that’s better in every way. And for that, Man, I love her.” — WestTexasOilman 

Moving On

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9. She is kind to everyone she comes across

“She spends time with the next door neighbor who is 8 years old; the little girl calls my wife her best friend and they practice training our pets together. If she sees somebody in need she goes out of her way to help out. She gets super excited about little things and it reminds me that I married someone’s daughter I didn’t deserve. She was beside me when my best friend died and helped me find a way to not completely hate myself. She has a beautiful voice, compassion beyond what I’m capable of, and a genuine love for people that should be admired by everyone.” — BossFTW

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10. She doesn’t get scared away by my panic attacks

“She is the only woman who didn’t walk away from me when I’d have panic attacks in public (they’re fairly frequient). Not only does she not leave my side, she helps me look her in the eyes and recites, ‘Everything will be ok, this doesn’t last forever, but forever I’ll be here.’

Yup, I’m one lucky fella.” — M16andKnockedUp 

Nathan McBride

11. She gives me extremely thoughtful cards

“She’s my girlfriend, not wife. (YET) But she picks out one of those loving or funny hallmark cards and writes very thoughtful or silly things on them, sometimes even just makes cards herself. This last Christmas she gave me two full bags of them and I cried while reading through them because I saw how much effort she put into them and how much she loves me. It wasn’t a sad cry, it just felt awesome being loved. She’s the kind of friend that you can easily talk about everything with and I love playing or watching her play games together, watching movies or just laying in bed talking for hours about movie titles as food puns. And lastly I love that I don’t have to try to be happy around her, everything is so genuine, I’d never do anything to lose her and hope I never do.” — snipa203

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12. She makes me feel comfortable expressing my feelings

“I normally put on this jovial and smiley exterior, even when I’m falling apart and I was always scared to share that with anyone.

She’s the first person I did and I cried and cried and cried and she just held me, stroked my hair and told me we would get it sorted. I spoke to a counsellor and, whilst I still have shit days, I genuinely can’t remember the last time I was this happy.” — leecable33

Pablo Heimplatz

13. She does my least favorite chores for me

“She just does surprising things. I went to pick up a thing I had repaired and it was already paid for. She initiated morning “bonding” the other day. She also does the things I hate – like meal planning and grocery shopping. I will cook and clean. But she just do those terrible chores I don’t want to do. She really is an angel.” — TommyPimple


14. She cares about my interests and listens when I speak

“When I am talking about something I am really into (whether it’s a game/movie/song/book) She stops and turns to look at me and gets a little gimp smile and her eyes go a little glossy and she fully listens, she doesn’t belittle it even if it is a little geeky or sad.” — tommiedineen 

Inna Lesyk

15. She believes in me, even when I don’t believe in myself

“Married 12 years. Was laid off twice, once while we were in the midst of building/buying our first home. She never made me feel like she was disappointed. She would always say, “I’m not worried, I know you have got this. You have always done whatever it takes. Our house doesn’t make our family.”

This from a woman who worked overnights at a hotel while going to school full time to help us get rid of debt to be able to buy/build this house.

She is amazing in so many ways. God I love that woman.” — Ragnar_of_Ireland

Camila Cordeiro

16. She offers hugs and solutions to any problems

“She is quite frank. She is someone I would want on my squad. When I am pissed, about work or any situation, she offers solutions and hugs.

When the competition is fierce, she goes into a coach-mode and tells me I’ve got it and this is how to do it, and doesn’t criticize my small alterations to the plan.

I get a pat on the butt.

She remembers what needs to be done, as I try to as well and remind her of things.

We like to make lists.

She appreciates my physical abilities and when we are walking down the street and it seems shady, she tells me that. I say don’t worry. She says, ‘I’m not worried. You’re here. Just saying, this looks sketchy.’

When we watch tv and she’s starting to get tired, she lays her head on my lap. I run my hands through her hair and she falls asleep. Then I can’t get up to take a piss. So I sit in this wonderment of having a fantastic person using me as a pillow, and if I should disturb her to relieve myself.

I always look for a pillow in arms reach to replace me. When I return, she slightly wakes up and wants me back.

If I’m having a bad day, I come home to liquor, ginger beers (non-alcoholic), and indian food. Bought on my dime, but I didn’t have to order. Then I get to watch Sealab while she then let’s me lay on her lap and rubs my hair while I’ve got the itis.

She encourages me immensely. She makes me a better man. There are so many things I wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for her.

She said on one of our first dates, double date so she didn’t want to leave, that she really wanted a root beer float. ‘Do you know where to get one?’ I ran to a restaurant across the street, then ran to a bar to have the cup of ice cream filled with root beer, a mixer, and brought it back. Won her heart.

She wins mine by being there. We are celebrating five years together today, and looking to buy a house.” — expletive-expletive

William Stitt

17. She watches me play video games

“She watches me play Overwatch and talks about how stupid all of my teammates are.” — TheAmazingManatee

Brandon Woelfel

18. She leaves me silly messages

“She changes my Blizzard icon text to some inside joke whenever I’m away from my PC.

She leaves me silly little messages in my voice mail if I don’t pick up due to working late.

She makes me coffee an a mid raid snack.

She hides under the blankets and trapdoor spiders me when I get to bed late.

She calls me and pretends to be a telemarketer for “Cuddlebutts Inc” or “Sleepytime Express” and goes on long tirades about how she’s pre-enrolled me into some crazy pyramid scheme that involves the dog and cat.

She’s the love of my life and I couldn’t be happier.” — Alwaysafk 


19. She sings to herself

“When I hear her singing in the other room and she doesn’t know I’m listening.” — Ton777

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20. She cooks my favorite meals

“My wife is a do-er, not a talker. She’s not very expressive verbally, but shows her love through actions. She cooks my favorite meals. She’s from Lafayette LA and a hell of a cook. She’ll also lean over the countertop when she knows I’m sneaking a look. Engine or caboose, both are great.” — BayouCitySaint


21. She makes me her first priority 

“She is rock solid. And when I got cancer, she put my health as our priority.” — goinwa 

22. She supports me through everything 

“She lets me be me. And supports me when I doubt myself. She’s the fucking best. Been through the thick and thin. We were dirt poor living with my parents and now we make really good money and live comfortable.” — RiverDonkeey

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23. She helps me out during gross moments

“Years ago after back surgery I was in a body cast with, um, limited movement and range of motion.

Even on heavy narcotics, one must poop eventually. She wiped my butt for me. For months.

If we hadn’t already been married, I would have married her that first day.

Love isn’t sex or great cooking or walking on the beach together.

It’s holding her hair while she pukes, or doing the grossest things you can think of and still looking them in the eyes and smiling.” — 500SL

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24. She makes me belly laugh 

“Sometimes when I least expect it, she’ll make a really terrible pun.” — nemo_sum 

Trinity Kubassek

25. She helps me fall asleep at night

“I recently developed rotator cuff tendinitis. She rubbed my shoulder last night for an hour and a half so I could fall asleep.” — MyNameIsKodos Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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