25 Disturbing Posts That Never Should Have Been Uploaded To Reddit

These posts from Ask Reddit will make you scared to visit the site.

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1. A man asked for a divorce, so his wife stabbed the children to death 

“The gist of it is that’s a dude finds out his wife is cheating on him with a neighbor. Upon declaring he wants a divorce and is taking the kids, the wife stabs and kills the kids (aged 7 and 3)

This all stemmed from a Reddit post where he asked for advice on how to proceed, fairly standard situation by most standards, but his wife reacted in a way nobody ever thought would happen. It’s a huge tragedy.” — Insectshelf3

2. A man actually confessed to murder on the website

“I saw a confession to a murder. He lived in Hamilton Ontario or Kitchener Ontario, then fled to Buffalo New York. Before he fled he wrote out what he was thinking prior to anyone knowing he murdered his girlfriend. By the time i read his post he was wanted for murder. It was really sick reading his confession written right after such a horrific crime as he tried to rationalize it to himself and the broader reddit community.” — Suivoh

3. Someone vividly described the flesh of a decomposing corpse

“I can’t quite find it but there was a post on the infamous Necrophiliac AMA that described how the skin/flesh of a corpse that had been decomposing for a couple of weeks had a consistency similar to jello. 4 years on Reddit and it’s still the first comment I think of when faced with this question. Couldn’t eat jello and ice cream for weeks!” — McChubbin

4. A woman was being watched in her sleep every single night 

“There was a woman on Reddit who posted a bunch of recordings of her sleeping, but then realized (thanks to comments) that someone was watching her in her sleep. She got tipped off by the sounds of something clicking, and then, later, someone talking to her while she was sleeping.” — darkrie1475

5. A murderer posted a picture of his victim online

“Can’t find the link, but it was a pic of a ~16yo female who was about to meet a horrible death, posted by the murderer I think. Her posture and fear in her face told the story all too well.” — I0I0I0I

6. A woman answered a Craiglist ad from a man with a torture chamber in his basement 

“On r/letsnotmeet a woman answered a Craigslist ad about an apartment. A man who claims to be the landlord answers and during the tour she notices there’s no furniture and he starts to block the exit. He asks her to look in the basement and by a stroke of luck or genius she is able to escape. Cops find a tripwire on the basement stairs and homemade torture devices in the basement. Oh, and the room he slept in was covered in porn pictures. Horrifying.” — CushmanSayz

7. A terrifying man threw his body at the door like a rag doll

“This post about a guy who was woken up at midnight due to banging noises and looked out the window. What he saw was a man running up, throwing his body at the front door like a lifeless rag doll. Police were called and it turned out to be a random drug addict. But man, I could never get that visual out of my head.” — foopiez

8. A stranger was hiding beneath her bed with a knife

“Late to the party and on mobile but if you Google ‘homeless man under bed’ you’ll find the r/letsnotmeet post of the girl who dropped her phone and went to pick it up and saw a man under her bed and managed to get out the house through the shower window and the police came and said he was waiting outside the bathroom door with a knife. That one fucks me up.” — Deathrisk

9. He thought his house was haunted — but he was actually being watched by another human 

“There was a post by a dude that thought there was a ghost outside his house, he posted a video of himself running through his house frantically checking the windows.

Another redditor edited the video, and in a particularly dark corner of the house, when brightened, you can see a very large man watchig him probably 3ft away.” — BrotasticalManDude

10. There were cameras hidden around her apartment building

“This will probably get buried, and I wish I could find the original post – but I read a story one time about a woman who moved into an apartment and after a while shit was getting moved around, and she felt like she was being watched. When she found a camera hidden she went to the apartment management and upon returning someone had come in and visibly collected all the cameras around the apartment in a hurry.” — bubba_nomad 

11. Her best friend brutally murdered her dog

“I remember this one post about a girl who claimed that her best friend killed OP’s dog. When she pressed her friend about why she did t, the girl said she sacrificed the dog so that OP could do well on her test. The post got taken down, I tried to find updates, but no one seemed to recall it.” — FloggedPelican

12. People were hiding in the fields, ready to snatch a family

“I actually remember reading a story on askreddit when I first joined around 5 years back. The thread itself might have been even older I don’t know. But it really creeped me out. I’m hoping someone can remember and link it cause I still haven’t found it after a lot of searching.

So basically a family was on a roadtrip and they were driving on a countryside road at night when they saw a person with a broken car signalling them to stop. But the dad who was driving had a gut feeling something was wrong and kept driving. After they drove away from the scene the kids or the wife (not sure) looked back and saw a group of people rising from the field where they were hiding.

That got me hooked on creepy reddit stories. The thought of what might have happened if they stopped was just terrifying.” — greatkhan7

13. He had nightmares about a cave — and ended up visiting it years later

“Recently on a creepy thread like this about creepy stories, a guy responded that when he was a kid he used to have a recurring nightmare about this one cave.

He would be crawling and go down these turns and see trash and bodies but in the nightmare he could never make it to the final turn at the end because fear or something woke him up.

Well one day he goes with his dad to some cave and as he’s going down the cave he notices that it’s the same exact cave from his nightmares. He has like a panic attack and he can’t go down there. He never found out what was at the end and he ends up leaving.

Well it turns out that another Redditor recognized that cave by name and his friend knows about the same cave. His friend loves cave exploring but he refuses to speak about that cave. He said that his friend doesn’t like to talk about it

It makes me wonder what was at the end of that cave.” — arturo_lemus

14. He came across the same old, creepy man decades later

“Can’t remember much of it, but some guy and the whistler.

When he was a boy with his mom there was some old man, and he started whistling a strange tune, only like 3 notes, in a repeating pattern. His mom freaked out and they left, few years later, I think he said he was in the woods and heard it again, and immediately ran home.

Fast forward to his adult years, a few states away, him and his girlfriend were at a 4th of July party, but they were kind of alone away from everybody on the river bank. Girlfriend left to get some beer from the truck, and then someone in a canoe came paddling down the river, whistling the exact same tune. Years later, across the country.

Guy had a video of it, and it just made everything creepier.” — israelgh510

15. Someone was being followed and needed 10k to escape

“God I can’t find it anymore, but it was a grainy photo of two men standing next to a car from very far away and was titled ‘I’m being followed how can I get 10,000 in a week” or something like that. He was begging in the comments for a way to get money and said he had no way to escape, and the account just went dead. Saw it once and it shot daggers up my spine.” — TheOsttle

16. One user found secret social media accounts from Reddit users

“There was a guy a few years ago with a reddit name like ‘ifoundyou’ or something and they would reply to redditors with a url to their Facebook profiles or Instagram accounts.” — RichardMaggio

17. A man was living inside of her walls and drugging her

“This one girl posted how someone was living in her walls and drugging her and cuddling her. It turned out to be her landlord’s son.” — BigDaddyMari

18. Multiple men were hiding inside of her hotel room

“I remember reading a post of a young woman that was on a road trip thru the US. And on one of her stops for the night at a cheap hotel in a small town, something didn’t feel right about the interaction with the clerk and later in the bedroom she didn’t feel comfortable.

Also, the bed had bedbugs and so she decided to sleep in her car.

During that night, she woke up to some noises and she saw the clerk and some other guys going into her room and closing the door behind them. (don’t remember the numbers, but something like 2 guys enter the room, and few moment later 3 guys come out of it ) It appears that maybe 1 guy has hiding inside the time she was in there.

The guys came a check the car where she was able to hid under her mount of dirty clothes and partially tinted windows.

Reading that story really creep me out, and anger me, my blood boiled thinking what if those guys was not the first time doing that. how many other victims are there.” — morphakun

19. A kid I actually knew was posting about raping women

“Bit of a personal one I’m afraid, so throw away account, but I found out a guy that was stalking me at school was commenting on threads about what its like to rape/how to get away with it etc. Scared the crap out of me when a friend sent me a Facebook message with a link to it and I saw his username and some of the comments he’d put. Still terrifies me to this day, and it was like 5 years ago.” — feelfreetopleaseme

20. A stalker posted random screenshots of the woman he was obsessing over

“There was this guy on /r/legaladvice who was stalking an IGN employee and asking for advice on how to be her friend and if it was legal for her to block him.

His youtube was chock full of random snapchat screenshots of the woman.

He threatened suicide but had another account. I have no idea what happened to the other account.” — donillarytrumpton

21. A girl found a recorded video of herself she had no memory of making 

“A girl gets anonymously emailed a video of herself being secretly recorded three years prior answering questions that she doesn’t remember being asked. She posted the video but I haven’t been able to find a mirror and she has gone through and deleted her account and the video. I hope someone out there has a mirror.” — threwthelookinggrass

22. A man was slowly being poisoned by carbon monoxide 

“Probably the guy who thought his landlord was leaving him notes and Redditors pointed out that he was being poisoned by carbon monoxide.” — theycallmemomo

23. Someone snapped photos of him while he was fast asleep

“Years ago someone posted a comment (probably on r/creepy) about camping somewhere out in bumfuck wilderness of Canada. Said camper was taking film pictures, only to get them developed and discover that someone had taken his camera and taken photos of him sleeping from far away. Every picture got closer and he thought he’d been alone for days. It’s been creeping me out since I read it.” — intergalactic_sushi

24. A man’s stalker was found dead in the bottom of a canyon 

“This is pretty long, I’ll try to summarize. OP had a loud couple living above him; the guy got hauled off to jail (DV) and the girl asked for OP’s number under the guise of protection should the BF return.

Well, from that she turned into a full-bore stalker, breaking into his apartment and surprising him virtually nude, propositioning both the OP and his GF, tracking OP down at his new apartment after he moved…full blown batshit crazy with several arrests mixed in.

OP moves several states away, things quiet down. His now ex-GF contacts him years later, apparently batshit girl showed up at her work demanding info on OP and security was forced to intervene.

Some time after that, she tracks down OP’s brother in college, more demands, gets thrown out on her ass. Doesn’t give up, shows up at brother’s job, gets beaten up by his (female) boss.

At some point, I forget when, batshit also masquerades as her own therapist trying to contact OP on Facebook. He ignores, of course.

Finally, batshit is found dead at the bottom of a canyon or something months after the fact. It’s scary as fuck what mental illness can do to someone. An innocent encounter became nearly a decade of obsession. I’ll never forget that post; it didn’t get nearly the attention it should have.” — ATAlum

25. A man pretending to be a dog started scratching at her door

“This post I read about a girl who let her dog out front to go potty and she heard what sounded like her dog scratching the front door and making noises and she looked out her peep hole and saw a man on all fours pretending to be a dog trying to get into her house.” — Dustinthewind_Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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