25 Horrifyingly Brutal And Drawn-Out Deaths That Actually Happened

Brutal Torture and Death
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Found on AskReddit.

1. 20,000 times the fatal dose of radiation, 83 days of living hell.

“That dude involved in a nuclear accident who got exposed to a fuckton of radiation and lived, fully conscious, for a few months, Hisashi Ouchi. Literally 83 days with all of his skin melted off, his DNA completely obliterated, his immune system destroyed. He was undoubtedly in excruciating pain throughout all of this. He begged for death but they kept pumping him full of healthy blood, transplanting new skin, and keeping him alive to whatever extent they could. There’s an article here, with extremely disgusting pictures. From day one they knew that this level of radiation poisoning was absolutely unsurvivable, what with it being 20,000 times the fatal dose, but this information was kept from him and his family. It’s a nightmare of Cronenberg proportions.”


2. Kidnapped, tortured, fed cockroaches, burned alive, covered in concrete.

“Be prepared. This is horrible. Junko Furuta was a 17-year-old Japanese teenager was kidnapped by a group of young men. They kept her captive in the house owned by one of their parents. That was the beginning of her 44 days of torture that led to her death. They fed her only cockroaches to eat, only her own urine to drink. Foreign objects inserted into her vagina/anus including a still lit light-bulb, broken bottles, cigarettes, fireworks. They lit her legs on fire multiple times. There was rape and sodomy every day. She’s estimated to have gone through approx. 500 rapes due to her captors’ Yakuza ties. She endured constant physical beatings included hits with golf clubs and bashing of face against cement floor. She was beaten to such an extent that her brain was shrinking from the trauma. She lost bowel control after dumbbells were dropped on her stomach while she lay on the floor with hands and feet bound. She was hung from the ceiling and used as boxing bag. On her last day of custody, she begged for them to just kill her. They challenged her to a game of Mahjong Solitaire and told her if she won they’d let her go. She did win but instead of releasing her they beat her with iron barbells and set her legs, arms, face and stomach alight after pouring lighter fluid on them. She went into shock and died the next day. Her corpse was found stuffed into a concrete filled barrel on a tract of reclaimed land in Kōtō, Tokyo.”


3. Injected with meth, tortured for 30 hours, killed by a hole drilled into his head.

“I would look at the case of Kiki Camarena.

Camerena was an undercover DEA agent that was captured and tortured by a cartel in the 80s. He was injected with amphetamines and other drugs to ensure that he remained conscious while being tortured over a 30-hour period, culminating with a hole drilled into his head with a power drill.”


4. Eaten alive by a grizzly bear while a camera was rolling.

“Spoiler alert, I guess. The death of the ‘Grizzly Man.’ At the end of the documentary Grizzly Man, you hear the guy getting killed by a bear that wandered into his camp. His screams as the thing kills him are horrific. All the while this is happening, you can hear his girlfriend screaming in shock in the background.”


5. Bound to a glowing iron throne and roasted to death.

György Dózsa led a peasant’s revolt in Hungary, and was captured in 1514. He was bound to a glowing iron throne and a likewise hot iron crown was placed on his head, and he was roasted to death.”


6. Her lips were cut off, tongue cut out, eyes gouged out, arms and legs amputated, and thrown in a manure-filled pig sty.

Consort Qi

Qi was consort to emperor Gaozu of the Chinese Han dynasty, and she bore him a son. The empress, Liu Zhi, was attempting to push her son to be the emperors heir, though the emperor preferred the son of his consort. This infuriated Liu Zhi.

So she did the logical thing, and had Qi shaved, placed in chains and dressed as a prisoner. She had assassins force poison down Qi’s son’s throat, she cut off her lips, cut out her tongue, gouged out her eyes, and had her arms and legs amputated. Afterward, she threw her in a manure filled pig sty, where she survived for several torturous days, being presented as ‘the human swine.’

Liu Zhi’s son, having become the next emperor, was so disgusted by her cruelty he became a fervent alcoholic basically giving up his duties as regent.”


7. Each one was tortured, individually for an hour, with white-hot tongs, their skin was ripped away, their flesh cooked, their muscles torn, their tongues ripped out.

“Look up Execution of the Munster Anabaptists.

3 men, strapped to a stake so they could feel all the vibrations, and hear and smell what was happening to the others. Each one was tortured, individually for an hour, with white-hot tongs, their skin was ripped away, their flesh cooked, their muscles torn, their tongues ripped out. If they at any point went unconscious, that time was not counted towards their hour. They had to be alive and awake for it all. They were tortured one by one. Imagine being the last of the three, knowing what’s coming for two hours, and then, finally, getting it.”


8. Ended up trapped in a walk-in oven and slowly roasted to death at 270°.

Link to an article about a guy who worked for Bumble Bee Tuna, who ended up trapped in a walk-in oven and slowly roasted to death at 270°. To put that in a little perspective, usually you toast bread around 225°. So this was less than 50° hotter than toasting to death.”


9. Strangled by hanging, but released while he was still alive, emasculated, eviscerated and his bowels burned before him, beheaded, then cut into four parts.

William Wallace:

Wallace was taken from the hall to the Tower of London, then stripped naked and dragged through the city at the heels of a horse to the Elms at Smithfield. He was hanged, drawn and quartered — strangled by hanging, but released while he was still alive, emasculated, eviscerated and his bowels burned before him, beheaded, then cut into four parts. His preserved head (dipped in tar) was placed on a pike atop London Bridge. It was later joined by the heads of the brothers, John and Simon Fraser. His limbs were displayed, separately, in Newcastle, Berwick, Stirling, and Perth.”


10. Pinned under floodwater debris for SIXTY HOURS.

Omayra Sánchez Garzón. A 13yr old Colombian girl who became trapped, pinned under the debris of her house in floodwater after the eruption of a volcano where she survived for SIXTY HOURS before she died. This photo of her was taken in her last days. ‘On the third night, Sánchez began hallucinating, saying that she did not want to be late for school, and mentioned a maths exam. Near the end of her life, Sánchez’s eyes reddened, her face swelled, and her hands whitened.’”


11. Trapped upside-down in a cave for 28 hours.

John Jones, in Nutty Putty Cave:

Though Cannon said they were able to get some air-powered tools into the cave to chip away at some of the rock that trapped him, Jones most likely died from the pressure on his body and his inability to breathe. He was wedged around his mid-torso and upper hip area.

“Due to the circumstances with his body being held the way it was and being wedged, it was most likely difficult to get a full deep breath,” Cannon said. “It would have affected his ability to breathe adequately.”

Rescuers first responded to the call about Jones around 9 p.m. Tuesday. Jones had entered the caves with a group of 11 others, but decided to explore a different route, his brother Josh Jones said.

Josh Jones said his brother continued through the tight passageway known as the Birth Canal to Bob’s Push, described by police as an 18-inch by 10-inch “L-shaped pinpoint.”

Shawn Roundy, a rescuer with Utah County Sheriff’s Office, said they had difficulty reaching John Jones, as he was stuck in “absolutely the worst spot in the cave.”

“It’s very narrow, very awkward, and it’s difficult to get rescuers down there,” Roundy said Wednesday evening. “It’s a really tight spot, but we’ve been able to get around him. We were able to hold his hand at some point.”

He said they were able to free Jones initially using a rope-pulley system. At that point, Jones had been hanging, headfirst, at a 70- or 80-degree angle for more than eight hours, said Utah County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tom Hodgson.


12. Roasted alive on a huge grill.

St. Lawrence Roasted on a Grill
The death of St. Lawrence. (Wikimedia Commons)

“My favorite martyr, St. Lawrence (of the gridiron) was roasted alive on a huge grill. Reportedly when his roaster asked him to deny his faith, Lawrence said ‘turn me over, I’m done on this side.’”


13. A red-hot poker shoved up his anus.

“Some people think that King Edward II was killed by having a red-hot poker shoved up his anus.”


14. Beat, tortured, and set on fire.

Shanda Sharer. I think that’s her name. I’m fuzzy on the details, but as far as I can remember she was a young (12 or 13 years old) girl that was mercilessly beat, tortured, and ultimately set on fire (while still alive) one night after sneaking out of her house to hang out with some ‘friends.’ All because one of the girls that killed her thought she was trying to steal her girlfriend. It’s such a fucked up case. I think the girls who did it only recently got out of prison. (Happened in the 80s I think, maybe early 90s).”


15. Beaten, burned, starved, forced to eat feces, and forced to shove a glass bottle into herself.

“The story of Sylvia Likens comes to mind.

She was locked in the basement of a woman who was paid to take care of her. She was beaten, burned, starved, forced to eat feces (among other things), forced to shove a glass bottle into herself, she was also kept naked. She eventually died of brain hemorrhage, shock, and malnutrition after 3 months of escalating torture.

The movie based on her torture (which is dramatized to make it worse, if that’s possible) is called The Girl Next Door, made in 2007, not to be confused with the comedy made in 2004. It was a fucked up movie. I definitely lost sleep the night I watched it.”


16. Living babies were swung by their feet and tossed, smashed or otherwise impacted with the tree.

Cambodian genocide.

I went to a museum that is located at one of the old killing fields (a grim name for a camp dedicated to killing your neighbors.). This place had several locations taped of because the ground will regularly push up teeth during rains. I saw a couple of teeth in the ground there.

Then the audio tour took me further. I stopped at a treee, wondering what was so special here. Living babies were swung by their feet and tossed, smashed or otherwise impacted with the tree.

The Khmer Rouge killed 25% of Cambodia’s population. If you had an education of any kind or were a doctor, an engineer, a worker or lived in a city (yes, that was a criterion) – or really anything besides a farmer, you were killed. Old. Young. Babies. Children. Everyone.”


17. Burned to death inside a uranium furnace.

“Probably this one, I caught it on Unsolved Mysteries when I binged episodes a few years back, the story of David Bocks. Dave Bocks died in 1984, working in a Uranium processing plant (NLO). His death occurred in a uranium furnace, they found out when the furnace temperature dropped by 28 degrees when it was kept at a constant 1300 degrees F. He had apparently fallen into the furnace, which investigators ruled a suicide. Evidently, he was conscious during his time in the radioactive smelting furnace. It took 3 days for it to be cooled off enough for investigators to dig through. His remains were so irradiated they could not even be buried, but rather had to be stored in a special hazardous waste compound.

But what makes this even stranger, is the nature of his death. This would have been extremely painful. No one would want to go out this way. Later that year, in 1984, Fernald (the company) came under public scrutiny for releasing millions of pounds of uranium dust into the atmosphere. The family speculates that Dave Bocks was actually murdered by other employees or company men as they suspected he was the whistleblower who let it known to the public of Fernald’s misdoings. He was killed for telling the truth, lowered into the smelter like Terminator 2 by some corrupt co-workers.”


18. Fell into a manhole and was steamed to death.

Sean Doyle.

Around Christmas 2002, bartender Doyle went out drinking with pal Michael Wright and Wright’s girlfriend. As they all walked home, Wright thought Doyle was hitting on his girlfriend, and witnesses later told cops they saw a man getting ‘the s–t beat out of him.’ He was heard screaming, ‘No, don’t break my legs!’ and another witness said he saw someone throw Doyle down an open manhole.

The drop was 18 feet. At the bottom was a pool of boiling ­water, from a broken main. Doyle didn’t die instantly — in fact, as first responders arrived, he was standing below, reaching up and screaming for help. No paramedic or firefighter could climb down to help — it was, a Con Ed supervisor said, 300 degrees in the steam tunnel.

Four hours later, Sean Doyle’s body was finally recovered. Its temperature was 125 degrees — the medical examiners thought it was likely way higher, but thermometers don’t read any higher than that.

When Melinek (the NYC Medical Examiner) saw the body on her autopsy table, she writes, she thought he’d ‘been steamed like a lobster.’ His entire outer layer of skin had peeled off, and his internal organs were literally cooked.

He otherwise had no broken bones and no head trauma, which meant he was fully conscious as he boiled to death.

‘The worst nightmares I ever had in my two years at OCME,’ Melinek writes, ‘came after I performed the postmortem examination of Sean Doyle.’”


19. Crushed to death with rocks placed on top of a wooden board.

Giles Corey was ‘pressed’ to death, or basically crushed by placing a board over him and laying rocks on it. He was subjected to it because he was accused of witchcraft and refused to plea, so the sheriff oversaw the pressing while waiting for a plea. When noon rolled around and the sheriff asked him what his plea was Giles said, ‘more rocks.’”


20. Given electric shocks until they went insane and started killing each other.

“The Kitakyushu murders were the absolute worst way to go. The victims, a family, were given electric shocks by the perpetrator to the point to being driven into insanity and ultimately began to kill each other from mere orders. …Being killed by someone who loved, or forced to kill your love is…well, I can’t even describe how gruesome that could possibly be.”


21. Put through a giant meat grinder at an amusement park.

“I’m surprised no one has mentioned the Dreamworld Accident on here. Comparatively quick, but to me the most objectively horrifying- four people were basically drowned, decapitated and essentially put through a giant meat grinder simultaneously in front of their young children. In seconds, because of one little mistake, on a ride that was suitable for toddlers and had operated for forty years without incident. Like, they didn’t even do anything remotely dangerous. They didn’t rebel against an evil government or go caving in a sketchy place or have a dangerous job. They were just having fun with their families and they went in an instant to suffering the most horrifying death possible.”


22. Stabbed him in the chest, threw him in a hole, and set him on fire.

“Death of Tomasz Jaworski, 19 yo soon to be student. It happened 20 years ago, I’ve heard about it because few weeks ago it was 20th anniversary.

Here’s article in Polish:

I’m gonna try to translate it and give at least a summary:

There were bunch of kids who were celebrating passing the exams and they were gonna be students soon. They went to pretty popular place back then which is called ‘Las Młociński’ (it’s a small forest with places where you can drink and have bonfire etc). There were around 30 of them. They were just having fun when 3 drunk guys came to them and wanted to join them, but instead they got into a fight. Those 3 drunk guys had baseball bats but they thought that they had no chance so they went to the bar which was close to the forest and met Monika Sz. and some her friends. They planned revenge together on those poor kids. So they went back to the original place and noticed that there were only like 10 kids left but they went out and started to beat shit out of everyone with the baseball bats. This Tomek guy started to run when the attackers said something about beating the cars that were around. They started to destroy one of the cars, in which there was just one couple, so they started to drive away as fast as possible. While leaving the forest, they accidentally damaged cars of the offenders. So they caught Tomek. They started to beat him and torture him. They wanted to know who damaged their car, but he had no idea, as it turned out that it was just some random couple. So they took poor Tomek with them and went to other part of the city where they all hang out. They restrained him, while also casually beat him multiple times. When he was not being beaten, they just randomly had sex, kept drinking alcohol etc. When they realized he had no idea who damaged their car, they decided to straight up kill him. They took of his clothes and gave him one shirt, then put him in the trunk of the car and drove few kilometers away where they dug him a hole in which he would be put later on. While the attackers were digging him a hole, the Monika Sz would say to Tomek things like: ‘It’s okay, we’re gonna let you live’ or ‘You will join your family soon, don’t worry.’ Then one of the attackers stabbed him to a chest, threw him in a hole and then they set his body on fire. Literally.

It later came to a public knowledge that all of the offenders were between 19 and 24, and that this lady was 24, had three kids and was later a subject to thorough psychoanalysis. In court, she showed no remorse or anything and said something along the lines of: ‘He deserved that, he was a trash.’

This crucial murder shocked whole Poland and apparently there were many protests against baseball bats etc. I don’t know, because I was only 7 but that’s what articles are suggesting.

Tl;dr of tl;dr One guy was very unlucky and was tortured to death by some very young people.”


23. Scalded, stabbed, mutilated, eyes gouged out.

“There is no single torture device or horrific accident that can compare to the month-long torture and eventual murder of Kelly Anne Bates….Her murder is comparable to that of Junko Furuta but not as well-known it seems. Very few people in human history have suffered as much as she did.”


24. Tortured with red-hot pincers, burned with sulfur and molten lead, boiling oil poured on his wounds, then burned at the stake.

Robert Damiens
Robert Damiens. (Wikimedia Commons)

Fetched from his prison cell on the morning of 28 March 1757, Damiens allegedly said ‘La journée sera rude’ (‘The day will be hard’). He was first subjected to a torture in which his legs were painfully compressed by devices called ‘boots.’ He was then tortured with red-hot pincers; the hand with which he had held the knife during the attempted assassination was burned using sulphur; molten wax, molten lead, and boiling oil were poured into his wounds. He was then remanded to the royal executioner, Charles Henri Sanson, who harnessed horses to his arms and legs to be dismembered. But Damiens’ limbs did not separate easily: the officiants ordered Sanson to cut Damiens’ tendons, and once that was done the horses were able to perform the dismemberment. Once Damiens was dismembered, to the applause of the crowd, his reportedly still-living torso was burnt at the stake.

Yup. That day was hard.”


25. Their veins exploded due to space-capsule decompression.

“On the space mission Soyuz 11 in 1971, the three astronauts died of decompression, the capsule that the men were traveling in decompressed causing hemorrhaging of the blood vessels in their brains, also their veins exploded causing bleeding under the skin, inner ears and nose due to the nitrogen and oxygen to rupture blood vessels. When the pod landed the astronauts were all dead and the autopsy showed heavy concentrations of lactic acid (a sign of distress), it was also calculated that the men were potentially conscience for up to a minute meaning that they were aware of their brains literally exploding for 1 minute and still awake for 20s minimum before they blacked out from lack of oxygen.”

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