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Our 3 Favorite and 3 Least Favorite Hormone Monsters in ‘Big Mouth’

Who’s your favorite hormone monster?

From the early onset of puberty to the insatiable sexual appetites akin to blossoming teenagers and the awkward interactions that define the middle-school halls, our hormone monsters have been with our Big Mouth kiddos since the start. Whether jumping on their emotional rollercoasters with unconditional support or snarkily judging their poor, underdeveloped decision-making skills, each hormone monster boasts a unique personality — some more likable than others. So, let’s break down our favorite and least favorite hormone monsters from Big Mouth. 

Favorite: Connie

Voiced by funny lady Maya Rudolph, Connie transitions seamlessly from articulating ridiculous dialogue with a sultry air — such as “Hello my precious little ravioli” — to screaming with guttural paranoia when one of her clients faces a minor inconvenience that, to a pre-adolescent mind, is beyond catastrophic. Your mother said no? “TO HELL WITH THAT WOMAN!” Connie is a larger-than-life figure whose energy and loyalty knows no bounds. 

She gets emotionally invested when it comes to her clients — often commiserating in their depressive moments and expressing euphoric delight at their accomplishments. She has some of the most laugh-out-loud funny lines in the series and is a consistent source of comedy. When her hair takes to the skies, flaming orange locks surrounding her body with fear-striking grandeur, we know we’re in for a Connie madness moment destined to be memorable.

Least Favorite: Rick 

Rick is old, frail, and a bit repulsive…which we have zero problems with. He adds a needed dose of variation when it comes to the hormone monsters’ depictions. However, his voice can grow grating and his shtick is rather than one-note; thus, when he comes on screen, there’s a sense of predictability to his asides that have come to feel unnecessary and distracting. He’s not as funny as the other hormone monsters, and the jokes made at his repulsive expense have grown stale. 

Favorite: Maury 

Maury is the first hormone monster introduced in Big Mouth, so he’s the tried-and-true OG. He is the masturbating maniac who loves all things phallic and can dream up a sexual innuendo when none are present. He wants his clients to explore all their sexual appetites, which lends way to a bit of impulsivity and risk negligence. Sex comes first at all times. To hell with social decorum; there’s horniness to attend to. He perfectly captures that 13-year-old boy mentality right after he discovers the art of the wank. 

Maury is also the sensitive soul to Connie’s more laissez-faire disposition; thus, their love story works to flip gender roles on their head, eschewing all preconceived notions of “man and woman” to make commentary via humor and expectation violations. Let’s remember he’s the one who gets pregnant and suffers mood swings. 

Least Favorite: Gavin 

We all know a Gavin: the arrogant muscle hunk whose confidence knows no bounds. His head is so far up his own behind that he’s talking directly out of it. He likes the sound of his own deep and commanding voice so much that he yip-yaps away without giving his clients a chance to express themselves. It’s about him and his impressions; his clients are a mere extension of his whims. Although his intentions may be pure, Bro needs to work on his narcissistic tendencies before continuing employment in such a client-heavy role.

Gavin is at the top of his game; he’s bench-pressing his way to success. Though he’s definitely a far cry from the more go-with-the-flow monsters, his personality can grow irritating, as opposed to refreshing (which may have been the intention). 

Favorite: Mona

Voiced by Thandiwe Newton, Mona’s British accent perfectly complements her headstrong disposition and tinge of superiority. She’s soft on her rs and ts, as she discusses attraction and flourishes in Missy’s evolving, insatiable sexual appetite. Mona likes all things on the fringes of the sexual spectrum. Did you say kinky? How can Mona get an invite? Her advice often wavers into the outrageous, as she makes her declarations with a sassy irreverence, and that’s the very reason we love her. She is the perfect embodiment of beautiful chaos. 

Least Favorite: Joe and Gil

Joe and Gil are part beaus, part besties in cahoots. They work together and butt heads like a bickering married couple, which is sometimes funny. Other times, it’s dry. They’re a bit older and they’re not as outlandish as many of the other characters on this list. Unfortunately, they’re on the “least favorite” spectrum due to their sheer inability to compete with the “best” as opposed to aligning with the “worst.” They’re often winding up in ridiculous shenanigans that make for some chuckle-inducing moments. They simply don’t possess that same ridiculous allure inherent to Mona, Maury, and Connie.

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