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What to Expect From ‘Heartstopper’ Season 2 Based on Alice Oseman’s Novels

Here’s what to expect from season 2 of ‘Heartstopper.’ What’s in store for Nick, Charlie, Tao, and Elle?

Season one of Heartstopper introduced those unfamiliar with Alice Oseman’s graphic novels of the same name to Nick, Charlie, Tao, Elle, and their surrounding friends, enemies, and family members. The inclusive romantic adventure is filled with scrumptious serendipity as literal butterflies swarm the screen, yet the show is also quite moving — exploring the protagonists’ interior lives, sense of self, and desires with nuance and depth. Coming of age while discovering your sexuality is no easy journey, but the series handles such topics with equal parts comedy and compassion. 

Season 2 of Heartstopper will be available to stream on Netflix on August 3, 2023, and based on the existing Oseman works, we can piece together what to expect from the upcoming installment.

Possible spoiler warning for Heartstopper season 2 

If you wish to be surprised by all the season 2 advancements, now is your time to turn back, as this post will use Oseman’s graphic novels to determine the narrative that will surface on the screen.

The first season of Heartstopper followed volumes 1 and 2 of the graphic novels, and the upcoming season will pull inspiration from volume 3.  At the start of the new season, Nick and Charlie are officially boyfriends, and all is rainbows and butterflies…but not for long. The group heads to Paris on a school trip, which both the boys’ and girls’ schools are on together — in a move that is narratively convenient but seemingly far-fetched (we’ll let it slide). They see all the beautiful sights and have the opportunity to explore their relationship overseas. 

Let’s talk about Nick and Charlie 

A great deal of the upcoming season will deal with coming out — and the tough realization that it’s often something done more than once. Charlie and Nick will realize that who they come out to and when is a personal decision, and one that does not need to obey the standards set forth by anyone else. They work together to decide who they wish to share their relationship with. Unfortunately, Nick’s brother will be utterly biphobic — becoming a character you will quickly grow to despise.

Charlie and Nick’s relationship will blossom while also approaching rougher terrain. It’s likely that Charlie’s eating disorder will take center stage this season, as Nick will notice him skipping meals. In volume 3, Charlie even faints during the Paris trip. It will be interesting to see how Netflix handles this sensitive topic — addressing shame around body image and mental illness in queer adolescents. This plotline will presumably take the series to a more mature and somber place, making it more of a challenge to balance the show’s existing levity. 

Will Tao and Elle finally seal the deal? 

Throughout season one, Tao and Elle boasted just as much chemistry as Nick and Charlie. There’s so much heat between these two, and there were many moments that led viewers to believe they would make the jump from friends to lovers. However, a few close calls later, and nothing. Volume 3 will force them to face their feelings for each other. However, it seems that friendship will remain their beacon, despite the strong feelings they have for one another. Love will linger as friendship fortifies. 

In volume 3, Charlie and Nick (with help from a few other friends), plot to set them up, creating time for them to spend one-on-one. Don’t you love when high schoolers play matchmaker? It’s aspirational adolescent naivete. They can’t help it. Everyone can see they want to be together. They stare just a little too long. They smile just a little too big. They blush just enough in each other’s presence. 

In volume 3, Elle mostly steps in as a confidante and an encourager, as Tao deals with body image issues and deteriorating self-confidence. Tao’s self-conscious of his body and weight, and he is reluctant to participate in the talent show. With Elle’s support, Tao finds the courage to embrace his individuality, join the talent show, and stand a little taller. In short, between Nick and Tao, Season 2 may be more of a tearjerker than its predecessor — covering difficult yet important topics that are all too relatable to many at home. 

While the focus is on Tao and Elle and Nick and Charlie, the teachers also have a little romance of their own, and it’s awarded just the appropriate amount of attention in Volume 3. It’s nice to see a little focus on the adults in the room before returning to the messy teenagers. 

Season 2 of Heartstopper will be available for streaming on Netflix on August 3, 2023.

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