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‘The Idol’ Viewers Respond to Closing Scenes and THAT Season Finale Twist

‘The Idol’ season finale definitely packed a punch with some unexpected twists and turns. Viewers have some thoughts regarding the show’s final moments.

The Idol’s controversial run has finally come to a close — at least as we wait for an update regarding the show’s future. The season finale sees Jocelyn stand up for herself against Tedros (in a change of pace viewers have been anticipating since the show’s onset).

Spoiler Warning for The Idol season finale

Though the season finale sees Jocelyn tell Chaim to pay Tedros to disappear, Tedros does not take the money. Chaim is left to turn to a journalist to reveal his past as a pimp and an abuser — destroying his life and career. The exposé even manages to sick the IRS on the rat-tailed creep. Yet, in the show’s final moments, Jocelyn welcomes Tedros onto the stage as her “family,” and introduces the love of her life to her fans. Was her request of Chaim all a test? 

In one of the season’s final moments, Tedros notices the hairbrush Jocelyn’s mom supposedly beat her with is brand new; viewers discover that Jocelyn made it all up and has been pulling the strings since the start. 

She has been wielding her image as a vulnerable youth to fabricate a narrative that would sell tickets. Inspiring unearned sympathy as a cash grab. She has been exploiting Tedros’ tendency toward violence as a catalyst for creation. In summary, Jocelyn has been manipulating Tedros (and those in her inner circle) to inspire new music in a plot twist that utterly glamorizes abuse. The message: if you’re hit hard enough, you’ll create art. And for what? To write a mediocre pop song or two. She sells out stadiums, but the twist is by no means satisfying. If anything, it’s a sickening attempt at industry commentary that eschews the reality and complexity tied to mental illness. And after all that, to take back Tedros? Why? She may be in control of the situation, but she’s far from in control of her life. What exactly are we supposed to be rooting for here? What are we supposed to be proud of? 

Viewers have some thoughts regarding the show’s final moments (and the season overall), and they have taken to Twitter to share their opinions. 

Is Jocelyn for real? How could she take Tedros back?

At least we’ll always have Destiny (the show’s saving grace) 

More of this please, Jocelyn…

The twist was, at the very least, both surprising and inevitable

But, give us a break (we’re not buying it)

We really hate-watched this show from start to finish

By Tedros, do you mean Jared Leto’s Joker?

“It’s giving crazy”

Jocelyn is an unpredictable mess

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