The Weeknd as Tedros in 'The Idol'

Viewers Respond to Cringeworthy Moments From Episode 3 of ‘The Idol’

Viewers are disappointed in Sam Levinson’s The Idol. Episode three led many to take to Twitter to share their disgust with the new series from the Euphoria creator.

The Idol isn’t exactly known for subtlety. It’s an over-the-top mess profiting off trauma porn, abuse, and shock value. The series from Euphoria creator Sam Levinson has been the subject of controversy since it premiered, as the show works to glamorize the very toxicity inherent to the music world that it set out to criticize. With sex scenes going down every five seconds, The Weeknd’s Tedros spewing ridiculous dialogue, and cultist themes surfacing, fans have a lot to say about the show’s most recent episode. 

You can cool it with all the sex…

You must know when you’re taking it too far, and pedophilia jokes definitely cross the line.

The show isn’t exactly giving us someone to root for. 

The Weeknd’s dialogue and delivery in his “threatening” scene just don’t hit.

And another Tedros moment…

And another Tedros moment…

And another Tedros moment… 


The storyline is bonkers.

And the award for worst show of the year goes to… 

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