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HBO Max Has Finally Become Just Max — And Users Are Roasting the Platform

HBO Max is now just Max, but the transition has not been seamless for users, and the new brand name is, quite frankly, halfwitted (to put it mildly). Thus, users have taken to social media to express their frustrations.

HBO Max has officially launched its rebranded streaming platform — Max, which includes select Discovery+ content on top of its library of Warner Bros. Films, DC Universe movies, the Harry Potter franchise, and more. Yet, the launch didn’t go off without a hiccup or two, as users experienced login problems and various technical difficulties. Twitter quickly became a hub to complain about and chastise the platform’s sloppy transition (as well as the overall choice to rebrand to such nondescriptive nomenclature).

Some users refuse to accept the change

If there’s work involved, I’m out

Tech problems right out of the gate

Imagine if other brands made such a foolish choice…

Peacock got in on the joke took a page out of Peacock’s playbook

And so did the State of New York

You can’t erase tangible evidence

Max still needs to let people know it’s HBO

We’ll never forget you, HBO Max

While Max is now home to more streaming options, much of the Discovery+ content does not align with the content HBO has been celebrated for across decades. Thus, the combination doesn’t quite seem like a brand match. Not to mention, the name ‘Max’ is utterly senseless, and the need to download a new app is a hassle (that seems like it should have been avoidable). So, here’s to head honchos making decisions that annoy their primary demographic.

Josh is an entertainment writer and editor at Thought Catalog.