Everything You Need To Know About Love, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Everything You Need To Know About Love, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type


You tend to see love as a process—a slow build up that should be planned and coordinated so as to work out in your favor. The problem is, love doesn’t always go according to plan. Love can throw you off guard. Love is never what it seems, especially the type of love that lasts for a lifetime. You can’t plan that type of love. It will hit you like a brick when you least expect it.


There may be times that you feel like you are in love with someone, because they acquire all the traits you’ve determined worthy of in a partner. This doesn’t mean that they won’t mess up or that you won’t have to fight for them, or even with them, in order to keep the love you have for each other. Not everything will be harmonious and easygoing, but that’s what will make the love stronger. Love is like a muscle—exercise it right and it will grow.


Idealizing can benefit you in your search for love. You tend to put people on a pedestal when you fall for them, which makes them feel as if they can reach a height they couldn’t possibly reach all on their own. The only problem is, you can’t put them on a higher place than your own. You may want to inspire them to be their best selves, but don’t let them think their best self is better than you. Love should illuminate equality between two people. If you give all of your advice, love, inspiration and adoration to someone, then they should be giving it back.


Thinking you know someone from the inside out will be your demise when it comes to love. Don’t always expect that you know everything about the person you fall in love with. People are full of surprises and that could be quite spectacular. Love is full of breaking expectations. You never know who or when you’ll fall in love. When you do, you’ll discover all these unique qualities about that other person that you would’ve never found so intriguing or loveable before. Let yourself love their quirky, unexpected traits.


Being open about your feelings and thoughts is one of the most beneficial aspects of love. It will create a bond between you and your partner that you have never felt before, but you tend to remain closed off when it comes to discussing your deep thoughts. Realize that they are worth sharing, especially with the one you love. This will feel unnatural at first, but once you open yourself up and begin sharing—you will feel as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.


Sharing space and time and even a bed is crucial in the act of love. Sharing your thoughts, feelings, opinions and knowledge is also crucial in the act of love. Don’t let the terror of losing your independence or alone time stop you from falling in love. If it’s the right person, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. If anything, you will feel like you’re gaining so much more than when you are on your own.


Love will not always be how you imagined it to be. In fact, it might be the complete opposite. You may think love only exists in fairy tales or that there must be a dramatic rise and fall to every relationship, but this is not true. Love can be stable, steady and at sometimes even boring. The point is to get through these times in order to maintain a relationship that will actually help you grow as an individual, instead of just being a way to entertain your imagination.


In order to find and be in love, you must look up and reach out to others. You have to be open to breaking out of your shell and doing things that may push you out of your comfort zone. Love will initiate fear, mostly because it is a feeling you can’t plan or explain through logic. It will break you open, in both your mind and heart. It will challenge you to think differently, to feel differently and to be different. Let this happen.


Love will not happen immediately. It will take plenty of time and patience. Maybe the love of your life is already standing in front of you, but you are unaware because there wasn’t an immediate spark or connection. Over time, you will realize that feelings can grow for someone you may have never expected them to. This is what makes love so magical. It happens gradually and unknowingly. Once you realize this, it will change everything you have ever known or thought to believe was love.


You know how to put yourself out there and how to find love. The only problem is—you tend to find it in someone and attempt to alter your life around them, so as to have them love you in return. You do not need to alter yourself to make someone love you. Love will make you more of who you are, not less. When you find the right person, they will bring out all your best qualities to help you grow into the person you were always meant to be. It’ll feel right and not as if you have to force things.


You have the biggest heart. You want to give and spread your love to just about anyone you meet and that sometimes leads to heartache. It’s okay to be vulnerable, but not everyone deserves your vulnerability. Even if they may seem like the ideal partner, you have to understand that not everyone is as they seem. Love isn’t always found in the person you’ve always imagined it would be. It isn’t always going to be the man and woman of your dreams. It’s not always going to be the tall, dark handsome stranger at a coffee shop or the beautiful blonde at work. The beauty of love is found when you get to know someone on a deeper level over time. It’s not always going to be love at first sight.


Love entails patience and commitment. It doesn’t just come to you when you are ready and willing to take it. This means you have to fight and work a little in order to achieve a relationship. When you are in love, you don’t give up when things start to get boring or your partner is having an off day. You find ways to make it exciting again, or you cheer them up with their favorite foods. This is what makes it a relationship, because when you fight for them, they will fight for you in return.


Not everyone will be on the same wavelength as you. You are hardworking, dedicated, committed and straightforward, which are all great qualities to have, but not everyone is going to be able to keep up. Love will cause you to slow down and think about your significant other. Maybe, you’ll have to allow them to catch up to you once in a while. This doesn’t mean you have to change or become less of who you are. It’s a matter of teaching them, so they can finally match up to your capabilities. You never know—they might have some things to teach you as well.


Love means giving all that you are to another person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give the same to yourself. You always have to put yourself first in order to maintain a healthy, stable relationship. You have to make sure you are taking care of you, your mental and physical health, along with your emotions in order to truly satisfy another. You are important and your partner will see that. The right person will want you to take care of yourself before them.


You excel in putting your loved ones before you and leading them in the right path to becoming the best versions of themselves. This is beneficial to love, but there are going to be times when your partner doesn’t want to be taken care of. Maybe, they just want to take care of you for once. Maybe, they have the skills you don’t have to complete a task or figure out a problem you’ve been working on. Love is when two people work together. Your partner should be there for you just as much as you are for them.


You really do think you know everything there is to know about love. To a certain extent, your knowledge has helped you dodge a lot of potential failed relationships. Your quick to say no to someone that doesn’t seem worthy. This is great. The only problem is that love can’t be figured out and dissected with the power of knowledge, no matter how badly we want it to be. Love is unexplainable. We fall for the most random people and at the most seemingly inconvenient times, but once it happens—we realize it was actually the right person and the perfect time to find them. It will all make sense, eventually. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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