7 Habits Of Highly Effective Strippers

image - Flickr / Cap'n Monky
image – Flickr / Cap’n Monky

I recently interviewed a stripper who has been dancing in the nude clubs for the past five years. It is through our conversation that I was able to gather enough information to now educate you on what it takes to become a successful six-figure a year money-making Stripper.

1. Have a Cover Job.

There is this big stigma in society that being stripper is a negative and degrading career. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself from harsh and even violent criticisms from family, friends, and others is to find a cover job. Though this cover job may be a part time gig that pays significantly lower, at least it keeps you away from harms way when you’re away from the pole.

The biggest issue that can arise is when people start questioning how your part time job can support your current lifestyle. So, don’t be too lavish.

2. Stay Away From Drugs

According to the stripper I interviewed, nude clubs is a drug filled atmosphere. Though heroin and meth are rarely seen, cocaine is common. These clubs prohibit drug use and you can get fired from your job if caught. In addition, drugs can become an addictive and an expensive habit, which is bad for your bottom dollar.

Save your money and stay away from drugs.

3. Practice Your Dance Moves

A flexible-confident dancer always gets more tips than one who can’t hold a musical beat. In addition, a woman who knows how to dance has better chance getting hired from ones who cannot.

It’s cliché but practice truly makes perfect. Watch online dancing videos, other strippers who inspire you, and find the time to perfect your craft. It’s not easy trying to stay with the dancing trends, but if you work really hard you’ll see an increase in your tips.

4. Keep Your Eye Out On Security

There are going to be times where clients might touch you inappropriately or use unnecessary force to pull you into their domain. Be careful.

Granted these clients are paying for your services, but remember, your service does not include them grabbing you without warrant. This is why you should always keep an eye out on security. You’re paying the club for a reason. You need to make sure that at the end of the day you’re safe from harm’s way.

There are crazy clients out there and you never know what might happen.

5. Learn How To Hustle

Yes, the best way to get tips is to be extremely friendly with a potential client. Pat them on the shoulder when they arrive or gently tap their elbow when they arrive. But, just because you’re acting friendly does not mean you’re friends.

Remember, you’re there to make money. This is why you need to do whatever you can to get a lap dance. Why a lap dance? In most strip / nude clubs, a client must usually pay a minimum of $40 (to a higher amount of cash) for a lap dance.

As they say in terms of money: pole dancing is your cheese and lap dances are your mashed potatoes. This can be difficult because it takes a lot of charisma and courage to go up and persuade customer after custom to pay for a lap dance.

Stripping is essentially outside sales. Don’t back down.

6. Strip at a Club That Has A Fixed Cover Fee

There are clubs that take a certain percentage off your tips, and then there are clubs that charge you a fixed cover fee. Yes, believe it or not, many clubs charge you to have the privilege to dance at their establishments.

For obvious reasons you’ll be able to save more money if you choose a club that charges a fixed fee. You worked hard for that money, don’t let the club take a big portion of your earnings!

7. Have Thick Skin

In this industry you’re going to come across clients (males and females of all sorts) who will say hurtful and noxious things. There may even be times where a client may pick another stripper over you for a lap dance. There may even be drama between you and other strippers. Take it in stride and know that this entire industry can be a very personal and emotional career choice.

Your insecurities can (and will) be tested. Stay strong.

You need to be able to have thick skin and move forward. It’s like any other sales job: you will get rejected, you will be yelled at, you will be put down, but you can be monetarily rewarded if you do it right.

You got this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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