How To Get Your Ex Back By Staying Close To Their Friends And Family

Anneliese Phillips
Anneliese Phillips

The 3 week cut off period during which you shouldn’t speak to your ex post breakup isn’t just about non-communication. It’s also about organizing an action plan and putting it into operation.

And none more important than maintaining a useful relationship with both your ex’s family and friends. I say useful, because these two parts of your exs world can be extremely powerful in influencing your ex back into your arms.

Ok, what should I be doing?

Lets take each one of these in turn:

Her Family: If you have been on good terms with her family, say her mom or her brother, ring them up and say goodbye. You’ll want to come across as caring and genuine as possible during this phone call. The reason you ring them is not really for a goodbye as such but to leave them with the most positive impression possible of you.

If you do this, they’ll be on your side when they talk about this phone call to her and generally will give your ex the impression she’s losing a great guy. If they say, “I hope we’ll still be friends”, agree to this offer so you can stay in their lives. Try not to talk to them about the break up, as you don’t want to put them in the awkward situation of taking sides. They’ll take sides of their own accord however by being genuine now, you will help them over to your side.

Her Friends: You can use her friends to create a confusion strategy on your ex. Neither your ex nor her friends will be “in” on this tactic, only you. You’ll need 2 of her close friends, lets call them Friend A and Friend B. When you meet Friend A tell her you’ve got lots of exciting things going on right now that its helping you get over your ex. Say that you still miss your girlfriend but you’ve changed a lot since the break up and look forward to the future.A few days later when you meet Friend B, repeat the above but omit all references to your ex. From this, when they talk about their meetings with you to your ex, they’ll give her conflicting reports on whether you still miss her or not. Creating confusion in your ex right now is will be a key aid in getting her back.

How to get my ex back with this info

The above examples should be used in trying to get an ex back but they are only pointers and not the complete picture. Far more work needs to be done to ensure she falls in love with you.

I go through the full set of steps in the book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” By keeping on good terms with her family and friends, it will make it more difficult for her to move on without you.

Family and friends form a major part of anyone’s life. Consequently, people tend to regard their thoughts and opinions in high regard. This also relates to their opinion of whether you both made a good couple or not. So having a positive foothold in their minds makes it that bit easier to get your ex back Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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