A Convicted Murderer Just Sent Me A Link To A Secret Recording, And What’s In The Video Is Truly Horrifying

But that news report sure felt real. So did the email that I received from Danny a few days later (no, the cops hadn’t shot him to death; the wording of that article was just a little misleading.) The email read as follows:

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard. They have me spending pretrial in a hospital for the criminally insane. I keep waiting for Batman to show up and start mean mugging me but mostly it’s just like a normal hospital, though I think that says more about the state of our medical facilities than our justice system.

The lawyer they gave me asked if there was anyone I wanted to call and handed me his smartphone. I figured you were my best bet. They’re clever bastards but not clever enough to know that I record all of my streams onto a redundant server. I’ve attached a link to download a video from my Dropbox. The folder is labeled “Insurance.” Watch it. Tell me if you still think I’m crazy.

So, just to recap: the guy who shot his pregnant wife in the stomach was telling me to watch a video that would prove he WASN’T crazy. Now, raise your hand if you think that sounds like a bad idea.

Everyone currently with their hand up is smarter than me. On my end, there wasn’t even a pause for internal debate or to question the implications of such a statement. I just downloaded the file and clicked PLAY. But before we get into any of that, first I’m gonna have to explain…



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