A Convicted Murderer Just Sent Me A Link To A Secret Recording, And What’s In The Video Is Truly Horrifying

“Betray you? How did I betray you?!”

“HOW?!” Alderson shouted the question back at him, his tone suddenly irate. In a violent blur of motion, he pulled a knife from his belt and brought it up to Danny’s neck. I thought he was slitting Danny’s throat but then I heard fabric tearing and the camera was ripped free of his collar.

Alderson turned the camera around to face Danny, his frostbitten face framed by an insulated hood and streaked with icy tear tracks. The guy moved the camera in even closer and said, “Aw, you look sad. You know what always cheers me up? Singing. You like REM?”

He paused for Danny to answer and when he didn’t, Alderson began to sing…

“It’s the end of the world as we know it… And I feel FIIIIIIINE!”

As he hit that last note, Alderson tossed the camera over the edge of the Earth and the last thing I saw before the feed cut out was a writhing darkness churning with the silhouettes of a thousand humanoid shapes. And then for one brief moment, what amounts to three frames of the total video, I glimpsed what was below that. And what I saw was something with very sharp teeth.

I looked into it and the site that had been hosting Danny’s last Pi Walker live stream crashed as soon as he had left his house. Apparently, the stream received a bizarre influx of bot accounts and the server simply couldn’t handle all of that traffic at once. A convenient coincidence, to say the least… Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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