A Convicted Murderer Just Sent Me A Link To A Secret Recording, And What’s In The Video Is Truly Horrifying

The next statue was of the same man as before, only now he was screaming and holding the porous rock to the side of his head as if he had expected it to tell him a secret. Worm-like appendages were jutting from several of the rock’s pores and appeared to have snaked their way into the man’s ear canal.

The next statue was of the man, now adorned in pious-looking robes and standing with his arms outstretched. The worms had consumed the entire top part of his head by this point; everything down to the nose and back was gone and the rock was perched atop the gnawed remains, sitting there like some child’s pretend-crown. The only thing that was left of the man’s face was his mouth and that was smiling.

When Danny was finally able to pull himself away from this last statue, the hooded figure lead him through a set of archaic wooden doors and into the church. It was dark inside, the only light-source being the few bits of sun seeping in through holes in the dilapidated roof.

The figure lead Danny past a series of dusty pews and gestured for him to have a seat in one near the front. Danny complied and turned to watch as the figure then trudged back to the double doors and abruptly exited, disappearing into a chorus of howling winds. Danny emitted a scoff and then turned to face the altar, which prominently featured yet another rendition of SpongeBob HalfHead from outside.


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