There’s Something Demonic Going On In A Town Called Clear Lake, And We’re Going To Get To The Bottom Of It

Danny Munnerley
Danny Munnerley

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I told Mikey about my dream on our drive into Clear Lake that next morning and then proceeded to explain my theory of what Humbug Hill had to do with any of this and where it might be located. He listened to the dream part with an uncomfortable expression on his face and when I was just about finished detailing my theory, I concluded with…

“Basically, he’s making the townspeople play a real-life version of Helpless Herman.”

“Because that’s what the Devil made him do,” Mikey replied, still sounding a bit unsure.


“So, the transient is a decoy and the house…”

“Is a trap, yes.”

Mikey thought this over for a moment and shrugged. “Then fuck it. Let’s go get trapped.”


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