I Found An Old VCR And I Think It's Possessed: Here's My Evidence

I Found An Old VCR And I Think It’s Possessed: Here’s My Evidence

Be careful of what you find on the street.

Now I’m walking down the street outside my house but then I stop. I stop because I see someone standing in the middle of the street. I see the woman from the night before in Videohead’s lair and the woman is standing about ten feet ahead of me. She is standing in the middle of the street. I can see her eyes through two small holes in the side of the cylindrical apparatus still encasing her head and her eyes are bright green and quite pretty and she says something but I can’t hear what she’s saying because she says it too quietly and I ask her what she said and she says it again but I still can’t hear her and then she’s gone. Then she’s behind me and screaming, “I said it fucking HURTS!”

…I was pulled out of the dream to find myself in a nearly pitch-black room. I hadn’t bothered to flip on a light when I came in and the blinds were only partially open, letting in the smallest sliver of moonlight. But before I could even reach for a lamp, the motion-triggered light in my backyard came on. Still a bit on edge from the nightmare, I hurried out of bed and crossed to the window just in time to see a tall silhouette disappear into the narrow walkway that ran between my house and the garage.


I grabbed the baseball bat from beside my bed and cautiously descended the stairs into the garage. The door leading out to the walkway had a square window set into its top half and as I was nearing it, a figure appeared at the window. I immediately ducked down beside the door, pressing myself against the wall and praying that I hadn’t been spotted. I carefully reached out a hand and turned the lock on the doorknob.


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